You’ll hear it over and over again – fresh and relevant content is vital to your digital marketing and SEO in Trinidad and Tobago. There are several forms of content that are helpful, but blogging should be a regular practice for your business.

So you begin writing an interesting, helpful blog; but what else can you do besides posting it on your website? Syndicating your blog on social media is one of the best ways to spread that content. There are several tactics you should follow that will maximize your blog by syndicating it to your social media.

Write content that deserves attention

While most of what you write may be good, not every blog you write will be stellar, groundbreaking, or of extreme value. You may not want to post everything you write to your social media. If you’ve generated something that is truly unique, new, or that you feel is going to capture people’s attention, then this is the blog you should work to spread. If no one reads or shares it, then it does you no good. If people feel duped by clicking on blog links that provide very little of interest, people will stop clicking.

Create unique posts for each social media platform

Each social media channel has a different “personality” and attracts varied users. What you say to send people to your blog on Facebook should be different than what you say for Twitter, and that should be different from what you say on LinkedIn. Craft your lead-in to the blog link to appeal to that channel’s user base.

Make it easy for people to share the content

The purpose of putting your blog on social media is to broaden the audience, and the best way to do that is to make it easy for your circles, friends, followers and connections to share your content. Provide sharing buttons on your page that they can use on their networks.

Frequency and timing matter

You might upload your blog link to social media, or you may be using a tool like Hootsuite to schedule postings. Either way, remember that people are on social media at varied times of the day and the week. Posting a link to your blog on Monday at 6 pm will catch the folks who are on social media around that time. Don’t forget that some folks are more likely to check in on weekends, or early in the morning. Try posting the blog to your social media more than once – making certain to do it at very different times and on different days of the week. Schedule blog links around lunch time if you don’t have to worry about covering several time zones.

Don’t appear self-centered – vary your posts

While the goal is to drive people to your site by tempting them to read your fabulous blog, be sure to post other things on your social media. If you find some interesting and relevant information about your industry – post a link to that every now and then. If it is truly interesting or useful information, people will be more likely to click on your blog link because they see you as a good resource, not just a salesman.

Blogs can be a powerful tool to improving your SEO in Trinidad and Tobago. Well-written, sharable content spread via social media can pull in new audiences. If you’d like to coordinate content, social media, and SEO efforts, contact us for a free consultation.