all your staff are working remotely and need to access company files.

Keep Your Business Network Safe and Secure From CyberCriminals

Don’t even think that because you have nothing to steal that no one will pay attention to you. Small and Medium Business Owners are the connection to the big fish. Your company probably can’t afford the clean up costs neither the down time to remove the unwanted codes.

Here is a quick list of what you ought to do today without delay

Biggest risk for a small to medium business is Human Error

You can avoid this by writing and updating your Security Protocols. Especially with most of your staff working from home and needing private docs for them to work on. You need to address your protocols and share with your staff frequently. Remind your staff not to open emails from unknown sources or with weird headlines and even worse click the links within such emails.

The downside to this is when businesses refuse to have safe and unthreatening email address names. As the world heightens their awareness of CyberSecurity issues you may be losing business because your email marketing does not follow best practices.

Simple Policies to keep business network safe

  • Everyone must have 2-factor authentication on all their devices especially email accounts
  • develop a password protocol. Have regular updates on what PassWords should look like.
  • Everyone must know the procedures to follow if there is a breach in security.
Business Networks in light of: BYOD allowances

Websites, Apps, and Software should be updated regularly

Firewalls for Websites, website host, and email servers, should be frequently checked and updated. Major TIP – Check that your backups are working and maybe you should increase your frequency of backups.

Smart watches, personal tracking devices and fitness trackers can be used by the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Update your security on these devices regularly.

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While Business Network CyberSecurity is not exactly what I do but I have helped a few companies protect their websites and hosting sites. We keep your websites and online platforms safe.


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