content marketing campaigns

Profitable content focuses on the consumer. Brainstorm your Content Marketing Campaigns and cover all your customer scenarios for each of your products and services. The Marketing Trends 2020 that brings you more sales at a lower budget must include the following changes:

Change your objective from – Drive More Engagement

these words are very sales oriented. Very commanding. Not enticing nor encouraging. Social users and Google searchers ignore content that smells of advertisements. You, the business owner or marketer should rather write with the objective of “How can I draw more engagement from my interacting fans” This is where testing begins. Test your ideas and theories of what content marketing campaigns will deliver profitable objectives.

Change how you treat your staff – The people you employ must do as you command. This is true. They reflect to the customer the honor and respect you give to them.

Change who responds to online customers and visitors. The outsourced marketer can respond but they will never be as good as you. If you do not have a staff member to step up to this task then you can employ a bot to do the talking for you. The bot will answer with all the responses you have programmed her to give.

Change or rather adopt content market research before you launch your next online campaign.  Research how your competitor is reeling in the leads and closing more sales than you. (remember that online competition has no physical boundaries)

Change your marketing and analytics objectives. Focus on raising satisfaction rating of current customers. All content marketing campaigns must cause an emotional reaction. Test your ideas and theories before you blow all your marketing budget on a losing campaign.

Change your mindset on how you analyse and collect data (you can collect your own data) KPIs are they realistic and can they be measured. how relevant are the KPIs to your objective of growing your sales. In other words, Impressions are no longer a relevant KPI. Examine the bottlenecks in your sales funnels. What KPIs are at the core of each bottleneck. Test each KPI with new a content marketing campaign.

Change your Facebook and Google Search Ads. Your objective should no longer be Impressions, Likes, and Visits. If you want sales to grow… create campaigns for message, lead generation, and comment. A great campaign ignites people to comment.

Change Content Creation Mindset. Change from blasting and advertising what you sell. Profitable content marketing campaigns focus on consumers’ needs. WOW your consumer with FAQ content. Big up your customers. Share industry updates, share how customers use the product he bought from you. Become the leading trend in your industry.

Change how you sell. Show your personality. Create info-mercials: talk about your product and invite them to try it out. Use video, images, and actively reach out to people to grow your network with the right personas. Create content that causes video watchers, and social fanatics to react.

Change from one big campaign to running 3-5 small campaigns throughout the year. You will discover how your customers prefers to be sold. They will tell you with their wallet.

Change your content creation mindset from selling to conversation. You want your readers to be happy that they gave you 3 mins out of their busy schedule to read your content. You will know when your content marketing campaign is a success when your customers share your posts. People only share what makes them emotional.

Remove the fear of change by following proven systems and plans by others who are in the field you are venturing to make those changes. In other words if you decide to change how you conduct your online marketing and you choose to do so based on your past experience… you may just repeat your past results.

On the other hand if you desire to create shareable content marketing campaigns… Give me a call. Your 1st hour is FREE