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Imagine no more Monday Business Review Meetings where marketing department and sales department are pointing fingers. Instead gather the metrics when you track your buyer from awareness to decision to buy from you. Numbers do not lie. Allow all your marketing efforts to qualify leads from the start. Reduce data transfer errors from marketing department to sales department. When the lead reaches sales department they know all about the lead and the lead need not explain her/imself all over again.

Marketing Automation is a powerful system to send to your target audience the effective message s/he needs to hear on any occasion. The right message will be sent to the right prospect at the right time everytime.

Marketing Automation helps brands better serve their target prospects and customers while constantly improving overall customer experience.

Marketing automation software has made impressive strides over the years. It offers businesses both large and small the tools and data reporting they need to build relationships and drive new revenue. Here are some of the ways an automated marketing strategy can help you.

Email Marketing and Cross Platform Promotion

You have several products and not sure which product your customer wants right now. Let the system do the work for you. Through Email marketing you send offers to your list. The interested prospects/customers go to your landing page and opt-in. Now you know that your silent reader really wanted a swim suit for a toddler and not a surf board(for example). This is what we term segmenting your list. Create CTAs (Calls-To-Action) and display to different contacts based on the data you’ve collected.

Repurpose old content and share on Twitter and LinkedIn to draw in new leads. This way you test drive content strategy before putting bigger adspend dollars behind your updated content information.

Use data driven information like conversions and responders to build your marketing plan.

Lower Your Customer Acquisition Costs

  • Reinforce your business culture of constant improvement, measurement and refinement
  • Eliminate or reduce wasted marketing budgets
  • Improve your business competitive edge

Marketing automation software offers better reporting and marketing analytics that help you reduce CAC. It improves conversion rates, fosters savings through customer referrals and helps with onboarding. And that’s not all – it reduces the amount of manpower required and improves lead generation, email targeting, measuring, reporting and more.

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Marketing Automation gives brands the ability to build long-lasting relationships through creative content with their customers and prospects. It removes assumptions about your target market. Through the data collection software it defines new ways, develops strategies that reveal unexpected and insightful information about your leads and customers.

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