How Website Search Traffic Works

How To Satisfy Website Search Traffic

Over 50% of traffic to the typical website is new traffic. This blog is dedicated to capturing and satisfying new traffic search. Direct Traffic, i.e. customers who know of you are drawn to your website using different Digital Marketing tactics.

You want to be found by an audience that is ready to buy, in search for a solution, or is fed up of their problem.

What you should do

  • Use Social platforms, as many as possible, to direct traffic to your website.
  • Use Social platforms and authority sites to create links and backlinks to your site regularly
  • Use more than 2 methods to attract and grow your website traffic
  • Offer deals frequently.
  • Track who visits you. Track their source of origin before landing to your page. Track how long they stay and on what page
  • Edit your pages. Remove pages that have low visibility as these reduce your SERP authority
  • Give content in different formats… images, infographics, blogs, pillar pages
  • Add internal and external links to your pages and posts
  • Place all 3 Trust Factors in Prominent places on all website pages

What you should NOT do

Sell from Facebook and Instagram only. These online platforms are rental spaces and could be removed from your grasp while you are sleeping. Any person, friend or foe, known or unknown, disgruntled customer or simply an idle person could report you and the authority rules declare that you are in breach of their rules and regulations and they take down your page. No questions asked.

  • Wait for a crisis before you take ownership of your regular buyers contact information.
  • Visit your own website once a year or when a visitor takes time out of their day to tell you that your website is down
  • Use Pop-Ups

Pop-ups though they seem to be fun to do, actually frustrates the very customers you want. I’ve visited websites that put the same pop-up of the month (their give-away) on every page. Let’s say you are a caterer and you do daily specials. It would make sense to you the business owner to change your pop-up daily. Because you assume that every customer who comes to your site is coming for the daily special. What of the customer who has an event and is looking for a caterer for that event? What of the customer who wishes to

For the month of May my focus is on how to grow high quality website traffic. Stay tuned. Subscribe to my newsletter if you wish to be notified when I create and upload my next training.

more information to come:

How To Improve Website Traffic Experience Using Relevant Content Pages 

The best and simplest way to generate referrals from customers who have bought from you is through the user experience from social to website to purchase to delivery.

We know that you are overwhelmed with learning. You are overwhelmed with which expert to listen to, follow, and obey. We get it. 

Evergreen is what we teach.

Evergreen Content / Actions / Relationship Building

Hilary and I collaborate to bring these BusinessDevelopmentTVtt Broadcasts every Thursday at 10:30

We want you to build Evergreen Digital Marketing Campaigns and SalesFunnels. Simply put: Funnels attract and filter your audience. Sales is the result

Digital Marketing Campaigns reduce your cost of client acquisition while increasing the number of leads and sales each month and eventually every day.

Curiosity could be in a story, a post highlighting an insight, a point of frustration. Here’s an example


Brief Story:

During the California Gold Rush there were 3 Types of people who benefitted

  1. People who sold products and services
  2. People who mined for gold
  3. Smart People who did smart activities who made $ with just the right amount of effort


Why do we do what we do? 

We want to work with smart business owners. Not because the work is easy. The work is the same. Not because the money comes easy. Because it doesn’t. But because when you the business owner is smart you will see the Evergreen way to position yourself in the marketplace.

When you align with what we say, the results you achieve happens FASTER.


Today with our Lovely Guest. We will be discussing how to Scale your Website traffic  using curiosity in Social Media

Hilary? Take it away…

Everyone is CORRECT

If you are a business owner in retail, entrepreneur, consultant, or member of a marketing team. You need to stay focused and put the right relevant information into your time you alot to learning. If you think you are too busy to learn. Then good bye-competition. They just ran past you without you even knowing it. 

If you wait for when you are officially open to figure out what you should be doing to ramp sales back up. Well Good-bye Competition. They are almost at the finish line waiting for their customers to walk in their doors to collect their already purchased products and services.

If you are serious about selling your office furniture products and accessories… it begins with and ends on your one and only online platform which you own – Your Website.

Give your website traffic relevant content pages to read and they have a higher probability of choosing to contact buy. 

Relevant content pages and website traffic is like a dance. If you make anticipated moves they will make the right moves(i.e. Contact or Load and pay for their items in their cart). This translates into revenue.

If you want to turn your office furniture Website into an asset you are in the right place. 

In May 2020 we discuss Website Traffic. Our first Thursday in May we begin with answering WHY, How, and the Strategy behind Relevant Content Pages 

To answer your Question: Why is everyone CORRECT? There are many paths to achieving the success of growing your website traffic. The problem you are probably facing is consistency. Once you are consistent in updating your website content you will generate revenue from your one and only online asset. Of course follow the rules listed at the top of this page.


Who Should Find Your Website When They Search

organic, direct (those who know you by name), and paid traffic. Other Content – solution videos, help blogs, inspiration content, community participation,

The Part Facebook (Social) Plays In Attracting High Quality Website Traffic

transparency, trust, fun side of your business, share a bit of personality (social is the lighter side of life and business)

trust factors that make consumers buy

connect post to a page not your home page

tell a story on facebook and sell from your website

Why, Mrs. Business Owner, You Should Draw Traffic To Your Website