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Create a multi-channel digital marketing plan in Trinidad and Tobago. Reach thousands of potential customers. Which are you good at? Managing your business. Or marketing your business. These are not synonymous skills nor knowledge. I get it. Your budget is stifling your growth. Keep reading and pick one digital marketing method to implement today.

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Today, we can help you use the web to find your hot and ready to buy customers. Why multi-channel? While your suspect customer slides through his newsfeed looking for something to laugh at…the same problem that he’s trying to ignore, nags him. His eyes are looking for funny but his subconscious will always make him stop If IF your message jumps out at him as the solution he’s been looking for. Be the saviour of his day in the most unncanny places. You need to be where your suspect customer is hanging. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t suggest you put your ad in unethical places.

In the midst of managing your business, what’s the best path to online success? It’s not a simple linear path, but one thats comes full circle or multi-directional. Link together various forms of content. Deliver content on different media channels. Integrate your marketing mix. This is the key to a complete marketing campaign.

Mutli-Channel Digital Marketing Plan

Blend together your content – website content, blogs, and social media posts, videos… – with a consistent connection to your SEO efforts will produce your marketing recipe for success. Gone are the days where SEO simply meant using keywords on your website to attract search engines. Today, a synchronized release of information geared towards your customer is a must. Why does my SEO efforts impact your online presence? I follow the rules set by Google. SEO done right, with no short-cuts, leaves your competition on page 2. 

While there are several marketing tactics available, I recommend these 3 tactics every business should engage in for marketing success.


consistently add new content of relevant industry information to your website and earn your high rankings with the search engines (SERP). A blog provides an opportunity to generate new and useful information that will help you earn better rankings while avoiding penalties that could come your way via algorithm changes. This means that your rankings won’t be dropped because you aren’t producing quality content on a regular basis. Add new pages to your website as your industry changes or your business evolves.

Social Media:

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube, or any trending social channel that suits your niche, the job of your social media is to provide sharable content. The more your content is spread, the greater your visibility and the more “worthwhile” your posts and your company will be in the eyes of consumers, as well as the search engines.

*Integrate your blogging efforts with your social media by promoting your blog on your social platforms. This is one example of the a good SEO effort.


Use video marketing to provide another layer of exposure. While producing a video may seem daunting, the impact of visuals cannot be overlooked. Even a simple video, if created with quality, can assist your SEO efforts and generate sharable content. Video can stand alone, or be embedded on your blog and social media for extra exposure. Don’t let the word ‘quality video’ stop you from using this as part of your digital marketing plan. If your information is appreciated they will forgive your amateur video. 

Quality video means great lighting, great audio, AND a concise compelling message.  The message that will make your suspect customer stop in their tracks, listen, and call you. 

 Creating a calendar of topics for each of these three tactics will help to keep you organized. It will also aid in producing a coordinated, cohesive campaign, rather than a haphazard one. One solid planning session for a 6 month period may take some time, but once you have a blueprint in place, creating the blog, social media posts, and video is easier and will produce happy results: SALES. No plan No online success. You know what your customers want and how your product makes their life easier. I know how to get them to buy from you. CALL me now.

Multi-channel Digital Marketing plans in Trinidad and Tobago are something akin to a symphony. Each instrument may sound fine on it’s own, but put them all together with a brilliant score, and the impact is far greater.

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