Covid-19 changed how we work, live, and interact with others. It has had a direct impact on many industries, and it has accelerated the disappearance of some positions. But it also has opened new employment opportunities to take advantage of. 


Many industries overcame the pandemic and even increased their sales. These are the ones you should look at for job opportunities—companies like Amazon or Dashdoor that continue hiring during the pandemic and will continue to do so after. 

employment opportunities

E-Commerce Businesses

One of the industries that didn’t suffer a lot during the Covid-19 pandemic was e-commerce. Companies in this niche even increased their sales and had to hire more people to meet the demand. Amazon, for example, posted over 100,000 open positions just in August. 


Because people are home and not able to go out to buy things, they are using online markets to meet their needs. And not just for food, but also for many other goods like entertainment and clothes. The new job opportunities that open up in these companies are mostly around warehouse and customer service jobs. 


However, the more prominent companies also have thousand of job openings for more qualified careers like accountants, digital marketing, and data scientists. Other companies that have e-commerce job openings are Walmart, Uline, and Bayer Corp. 


Delivery Services

Delivery and shipment services went up in demand so much that companies were struggling to provide a good customer experience. As mentioned above, a lot of people turn to e-commerce to buy the things they needed during the pandemic, and delivery services were vital in making this possible. 


And this trend of online shopping will probably continue from now on. Customers will feel more comfortable buying online after doing it for months. After all, you will reduce the risk of infections in the next few months, and the whole process is more comfortable.  


One example of this is the company DoorDash, which offers an on-demand prepared food delivery service. This company alone posted over 17,000 openings in August, many of which were for delivery drivers. Most of these companies offer their service through online and mobile platforms.


So, they are also hiring tech professionals like software developers, computer engineers, and product managers in an effort to improve the customer experience. Research which positions are open, and considering what your abilities are, apply to the best options for you.


Home Gym Producers

Another thing that got a surge in demand were products for home gym and training. Gyms all over were closed for months, and some haven’t open again yet. So, people have started buying stuff to create their own set up at home. This includes equipment like resistance bands, rowing machines, dumbells, and weight benches. 


But people have also started hiring online training platforms, where you pay a subscription and get access to different training videos, personal trainers, and nutritional guides. Plus, many also offer a community where you can interact with other people who are doing the same videos that you. 


So, these companies range from manufactures and shipments to online platforms for fitness videos and trackers. And they have job openings like mobile development or warehouse worker. A famous example of these platforms is 8Fit, which offers workout and meal plans to help you reach your ideal body. 


Remote Work Management Software

Another thing that changed a lot this year was remote working. When the virus broke out, it became necessary to go remote to keep operations going. Everything went online to avoid interaction in person. In healthcare, people resorted to telemedicine. In education, teachers and students moved to online platforms. And the same occurred for many other industries.


Thus, all these businesses needed remote management tools to operate efficiently. That’s why remote work management software had a surge in demand since March. Companies like Zoom, Slack, G-suite, and many others had to grow their talent to meet demand. Also, tons of companies were created because the ones that already exist weren’t enough. 


And all this demand was added on top of the personal use of these platforms. Zoom, for example, offers its services for free, and many people use it to talk with family and friends during the lockdown. This company even had to create new job opportunities like Zoom support specialists, which was unheard of before the pandemic.


Online Entertainment

Another industry that will give you plenty of job opportunities is online entertainment. Technology saves from total destruction, really. Our world would have collapsed without it, and entertainment wasn’t an exception. With the world we are used to living in today, having to stay inside our house for months would have probably made us crazy.


Instead, we had access to the Internet, which feels like an infinite source of things to watch, read, and learn. One of the most popular choices for online entertainment was streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. But people also spend hours on social media platforms and watching Youtube videos. 


Also, for people who love to learn, online learning platforms had a surge in demand too, on top of the wave that came from high school and university students. Most of these companies have job openings for tech-related professions. But, they also have openings in other departments like finance, creative production, security, and customer service.

In Summary

Now that routines are slowly getting back to the usual, you may want to start looking for a new job finally. It would be best if you looked at the industries that grow during the pandemic because they are the ones with more job opportunities. And most of these companies are big enough that they have different departments for you to choose from. 


You can even consider the possibility of changing careers. For example, Amazon and Netflix are tech companies that are continually hiring tech professionals, and they offer generous salaries and benefits. Choose a path that works best for your needs and be prepared to get your career back on track after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Photo by Moe Magners from Pexels