Why choose online advertising PPC, Display, media buying? Each method has different nuances, and are slightly different in purpose and results.

Why use online versus traditional media advertising?

Online Advertising allows you to tune into what your target audience is saying in his head

Advantage #1 Target your audience with a message they want i.e. Traditional advertising methods tell the public what to think. Online advertising gets your audience to take the action you want them to take by sharing what they want and pulling them into a trusting relationship. Use targeting features of online advertising. The online ad is supposed to match the intent of your buyer. 

The online ad performs the first step in growing your list or number of online purchases. Online advertising directs traffic towards your online property.

Yes. The ultimate focus is to achieve your business goals or campaign results. How you go about achieving your goals will determine your ROI.

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Good conversions is more than impressions. Click through to Landing Page or website. Download an article or an eBook? or Do you want your visitor to buy from your eCommerce website?


I did not say it in the video. But likes in today’s day means nothing. And as of yesterday…impressions is falling into that category of irrelevant metrics.

Advantage #2 Always be improving. Always be testing.

  • Examine your metrics. Improve the conversions.
  • Good ROI for Marketing budget
  • know the purpose or results or goals you want your ad to deliver


Desired conversions can be:

  1. clicks from the PPC ad
  2. click to another page within your site
  3. form submissions
  4. download an article or eBook
  5. buy a product
  6. sign up for a course.

Conversion metrics should reveal where your visitors are falling off. Where you are losing your traffic you paid so much for.

What should you be Testing: image, copy, layout of Landing Page, 

While the CEO of your company celebrates the 5% cart fulfillment. You, the marketing manager should focus  on why 95% of visitors are leaving your eCommerce website without paying for the product they put in their cart.

How Keyword research can improve your ROI

Business owners want to sell using the name of the product. If they’re in the business of selling windows…they use windows all over their ads.

More sales or opt-ins will come when you:

  • Run ads according to what your buying customer is asking Google or Facebook.
  • Use keyword research to help you understand the visitor’s stage in his buying cycle. Are they in search mode or comparative stage or is your visitor ready to buy? 

Want to explore more? here is an article that explains technical details of online advertising

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