The Challenges Of Online Marketing For Small Business Enterprises

Tools What tools would best suit my business to help me reduce costs, increase lead generation, satisfy customers and keep them loyal, AND keep my accountant happy; and of course the banks and last but not least,my spouse.

What tools would help me determine what my website visitors are looking for? To get to know your customer and to be where they are searching you need to use the right keywords in your content marketing that will rank your article on the first page when your ideal customer searches for a product or service that you sell. Keywords that help viewers see your content as a solution increases conversion, makes the viewer self-identify with your online brand, and ultimately reduces online customer acquisition and increases lead generation conversions. You will bask in the sunlight after all the lead generation work helps your sales soar. FREE Tool:

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Learn to write eye-catching titles. Titles, and relevant content determine conversions. People in search mode scan content. Your must prove relevancy in the title of your content.  Give your customers what they want. So you’ll want to keep researching keywords and discover the next big fish pond of customers that your competition does not know about.

Keyword Research Tools The biggest online marketing challenge of small business enterprise is missing what your customers are searching. You know your information well. You are the authority in your field. So why is your competition running away with a bigger market share than you? You want your website visitors to know that you have the answer? Great. Here’s a simple solution; you must show up on first page whenever your customers are searching for the product or services you sell. How do you know to show up? All you gotta do is know what keywords your prospect is looking for and give them the content with the perfect title.

Your Consistent Inbound Marketing Strategy Let’s face it. The consistency challenge of online marketing kills the ability to achieve a successful inbound online marketing campaign. Why? Because we want results now. Growing anything online and breaking through the advertising noise comes after people continue to see you frequently. So you must show up often. Blog frequently at least twice per week. Guest blogging on magazines and newspapers. Post your content on social sites at least once per day. Most important of all, attend physical networking events. The diagram below is a visual mix of a basic online marketing campaign.

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Build a strong inbound online marketing campaign to overcome all challenges. Create your online marketing in the outfield and point them all to your website.

Email marketing is never dead. People still open their emails.

Facebook marketing with Mark Zuckerberg. Businesses are making money on Facebook. If you’re not. You need to take a course and stop figuring it out the free way.

Pinterest and Instagram is all about pictures and sharing experiences. Again if you haven’t been able to get traction here, give me a call and we can work out the best strategy for your business.

Twitter and LinkedIn success is a combination of who your connections are and what you post. Frequency is vital.

Video Marketing. There are so many ways to do video now, Animated, voice over text, slides,…Some companies that have big television ad budgets are now turning to YouTube and Facebook for more viewership.

Analytics is the reason online marketing challenges disappear. Analytics tells you quickly what’s working and what’s wasting your time and money.

I would like to stress that if you wish to overcome your challenges of online marketing for your small business today, you should pick one agency, one online marketing expert, and implement what they suggest. I would love that one marketing agency to be me; but it doesn’t have to be. I keep sharing my online marketing advice cause I want to help you reduce costs, increase your lead generation results, and obtain the market share you deserve with a simple, consistent, affordable online marketing strategy for your small business enterprise.

Have a great day!

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