Online Sales Campaigns can be in the form of PPC or Social Media Posts

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, allow you to interact with friends and family, colleagues and even your competitor’s fans. These same social platforms allow you to have business pages. You the business owner or marketing director can run ads in the form of PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns from your Business pages.

Your business needs sales

Online advertising campaigns with PPC brings you new prospects. They like your page or may follow you. Your job is now to share content with them. Entertain them.

Social media is more than you the business owner or marketing director selling to your fans and followers. You want them to call in to buy or make appointments.

online sales campaigns

Social Update!

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook after going through his ordeal of why he has high levels of fake news on his channel has declared to his 1.47billion active average daily users (and growing) worldwide better, happier, more valuable user experience. He wants to shake that title of Facebook has been given of being a time waster. He wants to deliver high engaging emotionally charged relevant content to his Facebook users. He wants users to see a valuable newsfeed.

Business owners and marketing directors who do this will be rewarded. They will get the likes, shares and comments from their fans.

  • It begins with creating creative, original, relevant authentic content that your customers want to hear.
  • High value emotionally charged content can be funny or inspirational but it must be relevant to why they are connected to you.
  • Create community around your brand. Create meaningful purposeful Facebook groups. Give Facebook users a reason to come check you out.
  • Online social campaigns includes the frequent posts and PPC ads. The two should be connected and not having their own conversations.

If you are stuck on what kind of content that will satisfy or give purposeful reason for your fans to come check out your page, group, or community…definitely give me a call or subscribe to my channel.

Have a blessed day.