Before you launch your PPC Facebook marketing campaign…What exactly are you hoping for? We’ll cover a in this article how to get the results you deserve when you trust your marketing budget to WSI digital advertising agency.

Not all numbers are equal. Big numbers like 200,000+ Impressions. 75+ views in 20 minutes on a video. 285+ CTR. The number that’ll impact your ROI of a campaign is the number of people who left their contact information (leads).

PPC Facebook Marketing is ALL about the customer

Yet brands fuss about their online brand image for the ad. The text on the image. The design. Yes, all these are important. The more you fuss about your online brand the less appealing your customer feels to your ad. Remember your customer sees lots of options and lots of ads. Everyday. They’ll skip right past your ad if you skip the appeal factor. Each industry’s…each company’s secret appeal factors differ. Use PPC Facebook marketing to find what your perfect customer likes.

Facebook users are on their favourite social site for entertainment and news from their friends, family, and favourite groups. Don’t let your ad be a negative experience. Blend in, that’s why Facebook rewards pages who do great newsfeed updates.

The purpose of your ad

BRANDING. Remind people that you exist. Tell prospective customers where you are located. Solve a problem. Make them laugh, cry, or even get mad. You want to evoke an emotion. A branding campaign’s purpose is not the immediate sale. At least not right now. Your online brand must be readily available( easily found, easily contacted) if and when your prospect is in need of your product or service. You DO want your prospects to leave their contact information. Once given permission, it’s time to start an email campaign.

stages of a Sales Funnel, Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action. Lead & sales funnel.

DISCOVERY. Help your prospects understand the market. Share tips and solutions with them. Let them see who you are and why you’re their preferred seller. In this stage of the sales funnel you are learning about your customer as well. Test different words. Test different ways to entice fans to your page. If you sell coffee machines. Share information, stats, production,…health tips, lifestyle, and the list goes on.

ACQUISITION. Biggest mistake you could make to to build a campaign for sales when your data about your audience or where their soft spots are. You need to have strong numbers that tell you what your best customers crave and what they can’t do without. Don’t just rely on your spy sense. (Copying the competition tactic)

Have fun with PPC Facebook Marketing

Nothing is more important than getting in front the right audience. You will get into profit with a PPC Facebook marketing campaign that is well thought out.

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