Prepare your business to survive Covid-19

Involve senior staff and owners of your business. Aim to come out of a short but possible Global Financial Disaster.

Plan for the worse. Aim to be strong leader for your industry. A group of international Digital Agencies came together yesterday to discuss the realities of what’s happening and how to “hibernate” our company and our clients to be a bigger, stronger company in 2 to 6 months. Many economists predict that it won’t be till 3rd Quarter that business would be back to normal.

The first order of the day is riding out the storm caused by the Covid-19 Quarantine

Some industries will be impacted more severely than others like tourism, services, events, and anything related to handling big crowds.

Be open to other ways you can use your resources.

Adopt a “We are all in this together” attitude with your staff. Reveal the hard facts to your employees. In turbulent times income drops faster than expenses. Change salary structure. Consider a Start-up business model of how salaries are distributed. Each employee receives a sustainable salary and according to company’s performance dividends, bonuses, profit-sharing is rewarded to employees according to set criteria. The more an employee has at stake the more that employee is committed to the success of the outcome.

Plan out the next 6 months

  • What will your staff be doing.
  • How can your staff participate in cutting all unnecessary expenses NOW. Assign this task to all to bring forth ideas. All ideas will be considered.
  • Be transparent. If anything changes and impacts past agreements promise to update staff immediately.
  • Re-evaluate weekly.
  • What are your technical needs if you were to allow staff to work from home?
    • Online Streaming Platforms. Video Conferencing Platforms. Online workshops, classrooms, etc.
      • Whatever your needs the platforms are available. Zoom is great for short online meetings. Fairly inexpensive and great features in the FREE version.  Zoom is built for webinars. Their maximum attendance is 500 logins to your call at a cost of $19.99/host/month

FREE version of Zoom offers :

Host up to 100 participants

Unlimited 1 to 1 meetings

40 mins limit on group meetings

Unlimited number of meetings

Online support

Streamyard is great for Live Streaming to multiple social channels. Streamyard maxes out attendees at 6. Their main users are business owners who do Live video presentations. The FREE version gives you a maximum of 20 hours of streaming per month. The paid version allows you to broadcast up to 5 channels simultaneously.

Education Conferencing options

For classroom and teaching requirements there are Google Classroom, Adobe, and GoToMeeting.
A business whose staff is off-site needs secure movement of files. There are many platforms such as Trello, Slack, Microsoft, Zoho, and of course they all have free versions. The paid version kicks in when you max out the free features. Examine the features you need before you commit. You alone know what is important to share and what needs to be tracked. Back and forth of emails as a discussion tool is horrendous especially when you need to find where and when a person said…
Best way to survive Covid-19 financial impact is to collaborate.
Who to collaborate with? Who can you trust? Step up to the plate and be the leader for your industry.
Covid-19 is only here for a short time. It too shall pass.
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