Smoke Signal Digital Marketing or whatever you wish to call your online marketing is…

Running after the trend: Tent Rentals Trinidad( a make-believe company) is sending smoke signals. I want to do that too.

It was amazing. A digital board was built at the Roxy Roundabout. For 4 – 6 months very few companies advertised on it. Then right after Carnival2017, the board got very busy. Ads were constantly changing. Amazing. What does that say? Simple: business owners noticed the board. Thought it to be a great location and wanted their ad there. Did the number of cars revolving the Roxy Roundabout increase? Did the value of cars circling the roundabout increase? Guess what? Another bill board, non-digital, was erected at a lower height right in front of the digital board. Is that value?

Free Online Advertising: If you use social sites to tell John Public about your products and services and you refuse to run ads or boost your posts. you will never have enough data to determine what works and what doesn’t.

State of the Art online Digital Marketing: The new way is the best, cause no one is in that space. What are you selling? Your services or how you market? Rule #1 in marketing – change your strategy when your accountant says so.

Online Digital Marketing that gets you raving fans

  • One that grows your online community
  • make consumers happy
  • make consumer feel special
  • Dig deep for what they really want
  • Apple has a fantastic raving community. They are not the #1 Computer Company, #1Phone Company, not #1 Music company. They spend a fortune making the next mouse trap. People line up round the block. Young people are buying their products and they don’t even know why.
  • People want to be part of a community that makes them special. they want to be part of the next trend. They want to be part of the crowd that makes them feel great.
  • Build this community and you will have loyalty that they won’t even know why
  • Its not the commodity. Its not the product
  • Become the leader in your niche, in your industry. But your message cannot be about you.
  • Be ok with suck marketing results. The more and longer you decide you want and stick with being the online smoke signal digital marketing. the more mistakes you make daily. the longer you stick in the TRUE suck mode.
  • Be willing to see your mistakes. Most leaders, even King David, needs another person outside themselves to see his biggest and most obvious sin EVER.

How do you know if you’ve hired an online ‘smoke signal’ digital marketing company?

  • Can their marketing strategies be measured?
  • Is it growing your data base?
  • Are testimonies added consistently?
  • Where is the ROI?
  • Does your online digital marketing company explain why they do what they do?
  • Does it make your ability to serve your customer easier, more efficient, reduce workloads?
  • Does it make your ability to reach and grow your customer base easier?
  • Does your digital marketing provider care about your success or their bottom line?

If you answer ‘No’ to more than 3 of the above questions, your business success is in the hands of an online ‘smoke signal’ digital marketing company. Call us for a FREE competitive analysis today.


The biggest sad truth of online ‘smoke signal’ digital marketing

Most business owners and/or marketing managers think it’s magic. “If I don’t get results in 3 to 6 months I quit.” It takes 10,000 hours to be a Michael Jordan. To establish your market share in any industry, it takes 3-5 years. Shultz, the CEO of Starbucks, treasured a dream for 5 years. After purchasing the company, and 5 years later he went public. The day opened for his stock at $14. a share and closed at $33 per share. The rest is history. Success comes after many many tweaks.

Marketing any company or any product successfully – takes tests, tweaks, learning, and constant improvements in how you service your customers. Always back to customer experience. How does online digital marketing help to improve customer experience? Simple…we study your business culture. You must be willing to try different methods using collected data that is available when the right research is implemented. Book your FREE competitive analysis today.

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