Hey Artisans, are you looking for ways to grow your sales?

Here’s how to create the right content on the perfect social platform that directs traffic to your Etsy and/or Shopify Website

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We’d like to introduce you to two fantastic, inspiring Lady entrepreneurs, trainers, and marketing experts in their respective fields. Why should you listen?

They only share what they do.
They sell everyday because of what they do (when they’re not training)
They only teach what works
AND constantly test their marketing techniques

Technology changes. Social Media tactics changes. Google, Facebook, YouTube, and SEO rules are constantly updating. You should create and upload a post to a social platform  once.

I want to introduce you to a social platform where people buy. Where your sales funnels (from the social post all the way to your website) increase your website sales. Stay connected to marketing experts and you will stay in the loop of technology updates and most importantly use the social platform that is suited perfectly for your artisan business.

The Webinar is titled “Open vs Closed Social Platforms” but before you decide that you don’t need this information… I’d just like to say what you will learn:

  • How to not waste time on the wrong Social Platform
  • How each Platform works differently and which will earn you sales today
  • How to avoid waking up one day only to realize your window of opportunity for easy sales is closed because you were too busy to listen

If you are ready to grow your artisan business from 3 sales a month to 5 sales a day you want to learn how to market your business how and where other artisans are. In fact this social platform is known but ignored. They are on a drive to see you succeed. They will give you all the support you need to be successful once you use their platform correctly. Which is why you should listen to my friends: Felicia, the Video Marketing expert and Katrina, the Pinterest Marketing Expert.

  • If you are looking for ways to build evergreen content
  • If you wish to grow your network with buyers
  • if you wish your social posts to be found in Search Engines

Then you should be using Open Platforms

Many artisans think they should be on Facebook because that’s where everyone is. GoTo Pinterest and discover real buyers. Buyers who share your posts without you having to ask them. Buyers who buy more frequently. Buyers you don’t have to convince because they see your stuff and want it.

You saw my post. You’ve read my news. Now’s your chance to CLICK, Register, and Attend the FREE webinar on where you should be spending your social media marketing time and how to find buyers for what you sell. Most of all you will discover why your social media has not been working. Don’t worry. It’s not too late. CLICK and we’ll talk soon. The post you saw that brought you here. This blog and the webinar are all part of a ramp to direct traffic to this website and share information on successful marketing principles.