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The One Thing That works and you only need to update once every 6 months is the sections in your Page. Who you are. Why. How. What you do. What you sell. Most importantly. Why your fan is better off buying from you and not the competition.

Facebook is FREE. You just need to open an account and start posting!

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Here are some quick points on Why all that hustle comes to naught on Social Media Sites

Viral Posting – Even if you do get great engagement; going for the viral post that has great engagement is exhausting. Viral posts gets you in first place today in your niche. But if you miss it tomorrow, you’re lost in a blackhole of content most viewers set their thrusters against. Viewers and facebookers are becoming more and more immune to “great” viral posts. In other words it’s getting harder to please them.

Graphic Design Posts – the lifespan of  that post/content that took you 3 days to be happy with…is lost in space after 3 hours Bummer 🙁

Platform Updates – UGH! now I gotta learn all the differences or even take another course on how to use LinkedIn to have a strong Profile! If the platform decides to update cause they want to capture better data, earn more from their users, step up their value proposition…Your business is screwed. Ignore how they want you to use their platform and you’re left by the wayside.

It’s amazing how many business owners I talk to and they still think that when they post on social media its gotta be about their business and their product. They say, “For people to know about me I have to post about me on Facebook” It’s like the lawyer turn politician. Before he was your friend (he needed your business) now that he got your vote; he’s too busy for you. Posting. Posting. and Posting about your business is telling your visitor. Listen to me. What I’m saying is important.

Social Media is FREE – but at a very hidden, very volatile expense. Your Time. Here is where the Hustle really kills you. You post and post. and you pay no attention to optimising your profile. All your great content is lost in weeks of content. Don’t get busy at work and miss the update from Social Media gurus who post about what you need to back up on your social site because they’re launching a new platform. LinkedIn just recently updated their platform and the Free version just lost a lot of priviledges. Did you download your contact list? Oh well.

Tip on running a promo. Create an event. Talk about the benefits of the promo from several angles over the next few days or weeks during the promotion. Don’t post the same graphic again and again. And again.

The Social Media Euphoric Hustle Let Down

5 years of a great highly engaged fan page. You’re working hard in your business. Then one day you happen to be driving through a different neighbourhood and you see your competition opening a new location. 3 Days of detective work tells you that it’s their 3rd branch. They have a Facebook Page. They have less fans than you. But wait! most of their posts click through to a website…:(

Social Sites Love your hustle but they don’t care about your business. Use Social Sites to drive your fans to a website; your one pixel in cyberspace where you are King (or Queen) of your destiny (and keyword)

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