small business owners execute social posts in less than an hour each week

After your marketing strategy brainstorm session comes the content creation. Each month and each week you must have intent messages. Each post will then deliver the results you desire. Tip #1 if your only concern is views and impressions then you can talk about cats and cute pandas rollicking with their toys. If you’re in business to make sales and build your network using Social Media then you’re in the right place. The image below is a snapshot of my LinkedIn results during a period when I had no choice but to be away from marketing my business. I was busy with the family at university graduation and holidays. I was so happy I could truly test posting content with little time spent being active on the actual automation social media

Marketing Automation on Social Media

When most people hear of Marketing Automation they imagine “set it and forget it” kind of activity. In a sense this is what I am talking about. But the “set it” action must be repeated once per week. I know you want simple marketing that delivers desired results. Small business owners have very little resources and little flexibility when it comes to their marketing budget. I totally understand and thus spending your time wisely and efficiently is vital. And you want to avoid DIY disasters. Wouldn’t it be great to create and upload your social posts in less than an hour?

Social Media Engagement

Business owners have accepted the fact that Facebook engagement is important. Yes they like to see thousands of views on their posts. Now you want viewer reactions. After all this gives you a better indication that you are moving towards success.

Increase your sales from your social media posts. It’s not impossible. In fact, if you increase time spent in brainstorming your marketing strategy… increase in sales is what you will achieve. (in time) Slow and steady wins the race. Increase your percentages in clicks, engagement, shares, and your sales will happen. Let’s not be the business owner who rushes race to the $5 million revenue mark and ignores key factors along the way. The very fey factors that will ensure his sustainability. Success is not in immediate results but rather in managing your audience.

Do you want to know how to: Create and schedule social media with an automation marketing tool in less than an hour of work each week? Call or message me today