WSI Digital Marketing CopywritingInvest in effective copywriting/content digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago aka frequent blogging. It should be one of the key tools in your marketing arsenal. Well written company blogs can serve several purposes, including increased website traffic though improved search engine rankings, generating more traffic through sharing, positioning your company as helpful or expert, and helping you promote new products, services or offers.

So how does effective copywriting accomplish all of this?


By using well-researched keywords, your blog can attract the attention of search engines. If the blog is also unique, well-written and informative, you could rise in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Each time you add fresh content, your website is indexed – this helps to keep you higher in the standings, so keep up with the writing.

Tip: What Kind of Keyword?

Incorporate long-tail keywords, these are typically used by consumers ready to make a move. Once someone is poised to buy or contract a service provider, they will search more specific keyword phrases. This is where it’s also helpful to include location in some of your blogging keywords. Update your research as your audience may have evolved.


The more eyes that view your blog, the more likely it is you will get action. To get more views, provide easy sharing options. Post links to your blog on all of your social media channels and encourage those folks to share, +-one, or retweet. If your content is helpful, or valuable to consumers in some way, the shares could spread to thousands of viewers. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to maximize your digital marketing efforts.

Tip: Best CTA?

Having large numbers of people read your blog is good, but it isn’t the end-game. Include a strong call to action (CTA) in your blog, that encourages people to contact your business to get what they want or need. Entice them to learn more or get a free consultation.


While your blogs should be informative about your general industry or even specific to your particular offerings, they should not just talk about your company. However, on occasion it is good to use your blog to offer deals, coupons, free advice, or to introduce new products or services.

Tip: Increase Engagement with PromosWSI Digital Marketing CopywritingWSI Digital Marketing Copywriting

Make offers that people can share with friends and family. This not only gives a boost to your SEO, but also could bring in customers you may not have reached through other digital marketing means.

Avoid Penalties:

Search engines have developed a keen “eye” for over-optimized websites. The algorithms used can track down violators and drop them in the SERPs. Here are a few quick tips to make sure your blog doesn’t get ‘flagged’ with a penalty.

  • Don’t overuse keywords. About 1 in every 100 words written is ample.
  • Write worthy content. Be sure to create something that is useful, interesting, or unique. It should have a true purpose.
  • Use proper grammar, avoid spelling mistakes, and make certain you get your facts right.
  • Have your content match the title and keyword phrases.
  • Provide specifics.

So, once you tackle the issue of what to write, blog regularly, use specific keyword phrases, encourage sharing, and avoid mistakes that could drop your rankings. Blogging can be a very effective tool for improving your digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago. We can help you craft an effective digital marketing strategy. Contact us for a free consultation.

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