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Traditional Business Operations while Implementing Cutting Edge Technology Software and Apps Is Hurting Your Efforts to Improve Profit Margins


Before buying into a technological upgrade ask yourself the question… “who would benefit the most? My consumer or me?”

You improve profit margins… when you

Improve how your consumer experiences your products and services

Offer direct line to customers

Respond to queries within a day, an hour, a minute, immediately :0

Call centre is not the answer. They don’t know your business. Their answers tend to be more frustrating to the consumer as they never understand what the customer wants. They usually speak with a different accent (might as well hire a German to speak to customers in German), etc.

Reduce length of time it takes for them to reach a customer representative

never forget your promise you made yesterday and the customer needs to call again and again and repeat their story again before they receive the desired service. The famous promise… “I’ll call you back” and the customer is waiting and again has to repeat the process. Find a way to solve this and you will improve your profit margins.

Reward the customer who sends feedback. Accept good and bad. Give them a direct number to your RED Line. (this is more than an actual phone number. Customers only care that there’s an ear at the end of the call and that they are always first customer in line.

Improve profit margins with technological innovation

improve profit margins

Technology that keeps a direct line open between you and your customer

Analytics that flags fires and allows you to reward good customers. The best reward is a “thank you” cause so few businesses give this.

Technology that allows you to speak and listen directly to your most loyal buyers

Technology that books appointments, send reminders to customers for the appointment they made,



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