The Future of SEO For Ranking Website Pages


Ranking your website is made easy by producing constant, consistent, relevant, website page updates and new blogs that connects to the page.

Today’s digital world gives a false impression of “instant results” in all areas of life. We want to help you rank your website pages  successfully with the long but simple way. Blog on the right keywords and your website will move towards page 1 in SERP.

Magazine Worthy Content Builds SEO Ranking

Write one “whitepaper” magazine worthy content and over a period of time (preferably 3 months) take snippets of this pillar content and sprinkle it across the WWW bringing people back to your website to view the full piece. This strategy helps you to cover a service or product from different angles. Purchasing reasons,  buyer scenarios, or simply different stages in your customer’s buying cycle. You add a whitepaper or pillar of content to your website.

The shorter pieces that refer back to the magazine worthy content which caters to all types of readers – scanners, researchers, and learners. Give them content the way they like to consume it. This also includes presenting thoughts and insights using different mediums. Make a video, create a meme or a gif. Make it funny or serious. This builds up your on-page views and thus your SEO ranking.

Bite-size pieces of content can be posted to your blog or your social profile. Content is for reading. Make it easy for your audience to find it.


SEO Strategy For Ranking Website Pages Changes Slightly Across Industries.

Some industries (complex goods and services) rank faster with this SEO Strategy. B2B companies who publish lots of content understand that their buyer needs to be satisfied before choosing a supplier. They want to do his research before they reach out and call or email. Buyers in the B2B companies expect to think long and hard before making high-impact purchases.

Impact your audience according to the mood of the Social Media Platform

B2B buyers behave differently on different social platforms. On linkedIn they are looking to grow their network and read some news or industry updates. They will ignore you but they will call you.

On Facebook the mood is different. The same business owner is skimming and laughing with their friends. The intent is different. The content is different for each social platforms. Interruptive ads on Facebook is less welcomed. They don’t want to be thinking of their work-related problems.


Frequency of This SEO Strategy To Rank Your Website Pages

You want to write content that shows your authority and commitment to solving their problems. You want to update them as change occurs e.g. seasons, laws, technology updates, or even new processes within your organisation. Every 3 months is good timing for publishing white-papers.

Consumers do not get bored of your content. Content is for buyers. When they are satisfied that you have answered all their questions. They will step up and make the purchase. Content marketing is a strategy for the future success of all businesses. All businesses need expert content writers.


Social Media’s Role in Ranking Your Website Page

Share both ways. Write a blog on your site and share the content to your social pages, Publish posts on your social pages and encourage them to view your blog.

Concept behind Adaptive Search Engine Optimization is consistency. Share content that the market wants about your goods and services. You adapt your content to what the market wants.

Ranking Website Pages is not difficult if you ask your customers what they want, if you listen on Social Media to what they’re saying, or you could work with an SEO expert.