Messenger Bots Will Change How Search works

Google’s job is to find you the content you’re looking for. They’ve been using ‘bots’ (AI programs) to crawl the internet at breakneck speed to deliver answers to you in <2 seconds. Given of course that your WIFI can work at this expected speed.

The next dilemma here is choice and how much time you have to decipher through the options. How do I pick the business that will give me what I am looking for? The shortcut get down to business mindset says…let someone else choose for me.

Let me introduce you to Facebook M

Ever heard of this saying, “Find someone who is a few steps ahead of you and do what they are doing.”

This technology should not be ignored. When someone searches…you ought to be found. Facebook M may not recommend you. Here’s how it works.

Facebook M is your virtual assistant. “It can perform tasks none of the others(messenger bots) can.” ~David Marcus of Facebook.

Where is Facebook going with this service and why? Mobile. Instant answers. Less choices. Less time spent on searching for answers. People are on the move. They need answers now. Facebook has a mass of data within their free social platform. Between Facebook messenger and WhatsApp they dominate the world of messaging. They’re not about to let up on their lead. They’re pushing the frontiers of messaging.

Back to how messenger bots and search will change your social marketing results

At the moment Facebook M is an app for download in limited geographical areas. At the moment it does not pull information from Facebook’s social data. As it learns (machine learning based on consumer use and consumer intent) it will roll out to all messenger users…your consumers.

Facebook is all about customer experience. Their intent is to make their users happy to open Facebook. Your business will benefit, i.e. more sales, when you put content out that users will happily consume. People like playing with new technology. In Trinidad and Tobago bots are still somewhat new.

Let’s cut to the real reason that’s jumping around in your head…WIIFM (which means What’s In It For Me?) or how can my company take advantage of what I’m telling you?

Will I be ahead of the curve?  Ans: YES

How much does it cost?  Ans: it depends

What software do I need to buy or can I get one for free?  Ans: it depends

Think about it this way…Tools are great. Free versions are even better for the small business person. Free tools is just that, a tool. If you use a 5 pound hammer to put a nail into a gypsum wall, your result will be…well, not exactly what you were hoping for. You wanted the nail to stick not a gaping hole in your wall. It’s the same as using a free tool. The tool by itself is not going to give you the result you desire. You have no idea how to make your messenger bot look intelligent. It’s supposed to be your digital assistant to take calls and convert them into leads. Program your questions badly and it could mean disaster for next quarter’s sales. Have an conversion expert program your bot and you will be dancing to the bank.

At present many Facebook pages have activated their bot with 3 – 4 questions. The best kind of questions will collect names and emails for you.

If you wish to be ready when Facebook M is in your neighbourhood. Give me a call. If not I hope I at least excited you about getting on board with your Facebook messenger bot.

Thanks for reading


P.S. Most people associate search with SEO. The biggest 2019 trend in SEO is Voice Search. Article coming soon