Social Media Engagement continues to evade business owners. Consider this one fact. You’re chipping away at the Berlin Wall with a toothpick when you tell your marketing department that you want to stay in control of what goes up on your social pages.

The millions of people who use Social Media want to speak and voice their opinion. They choose what they react to. They follow companies that make them feel good. They can be your social advocates if you let them. How you find them is your quest.

What to avoid on Social Media

  • Politics
  • Controversial topics unless it’s in the interest of your business
  • Talking too much about your company and what you stand for (no one really cares)
  • Complex language
  • “Woe is me” stories. Keep that for your WhatsApp groups. You can leak one out randomly. Then again, it depends on what you sell.

What to test on Social Media

Ideas, themes, topics… See what they react to most. You can curate other people’s content to test before writing articles yourself.

Always be testing to see who is on the edge of your niche market.

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Why is Social Media important to your online success

Yes. Everyone on Social Media are idiots. Guess what. The real world is the same. Good news is…you are not talking to everyone.

You are searching for that niche of people who need what you sell. You are putting information out on the World Wide Web so the one or two people who are searching for you…will find you. I say one or two people because when you continue to hit the hot button of the one or two people (everyday) your base (or list of fans) will grow and the happy ones will become your social advocates. Isn’t that what you want? Social advocates who buy from you frequently, who like what you stand for, who are satisfied with what you sell, and who feel like a person when they step into your Social Media zone.

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