Working remotely is normal for many entrepreneurs.

Strengthen your Mindset While Working Remotely
  • Working remotely allows us  to be the reliable, outsource, service
  • We have no choice but to be self-motivated
  • We have to keep our cost of learning efficient, relevant, and constant
  • you, the business, get the highlight for being successful. We are quite happy playing the unsung hero as long as you refer us to your business friends for us to help them too with our expertise.
  • Kill two birds with one stone… wash enough wares for 20 secs. Humour is vital to staying in a high creative mode.

Pick up a handyman skill or play ball with your kids. Distract your brain from all the thoughts and problems you need to solve. Give your subconscious mind time to connect the right dots.

Tips for staying Creative While Working Remotely
  • work in 30 minute focus sessions. Put a timer on. Get up and walk around. Do something different. Walk away from where you are working.
  • Different activities for different areas of your house. If you only have a studio… then have a different corner or a different chair for different activities.
  • Mix up your activities of work. Give them a specific time of day and length of time and no more.
  • Add light conversation to your calls. In other words call your mom or friend. Make time for loved ones.
  • Exercise your body and your brain. Add brain teasers to your day.
  • Dedicate 20% of your day to learning
Tips to Managing Schedules While Working Remotely
  • do time trackers
  • Write your tasks, meetings, long-term visions at the beginning of each day and score yourself according to how well you performed. This is a type of reward system and should not be ignored. No reward and you kill your motivation. If you feel like a failure you tend to give up faster instead of finding new ways to achieve better and faster.
  • Log your progress
  • Monitor the process. Write it down. When your boss recognises you for great work you can teach your co-workers how you did it.
  • Re-write your schedules instead of breaking it. You are looking for a schedule that works.