**Share Stories and pull your audience towards your BRAND**

Turn Stories Into Brand Loyalty

Businesses are concerned about their Brand Reputation and 

  • protect it with a tunnel of vaults
  • Speak to their Social Media fans and watch reports of their mentions
  • Hide their weaknesses


Brand Loyalty is not a derivative of Brand Reputation

What you busily protect… no one cares about, except you. Keep protecting and soon you will sooner or later stand alone.   

At the beginning of Social Media (way back in history… 1997) some crazy marketers said to not argue with negative or bad comments on your pages. All you need to do is acknowledge their complaint and ask them to call you or email you. Take the conversation away from the audience. Many companies new to Social Media preferred to ignore the complaints or delete the post of the plaintiff. 

Brand Loyalty is built when you are transparent in who you are, how you operate as a company, and publicly listen to your fans (audience)

Talking to yourself on social media?

We wonder how some Company pages post only about themselves. Every post is about what they sell. AND they have thousands of likes and comments. Everytime.

You decide to copy their strategy and all you hear is CRICKETS. Well, actually, SILENCE. Cause in my yard crickets are noisey. 

Companies who have culture easily gain brand loyalty in Social Media. They’ve built a reputation that resonates with their fans. They give their fans what they like. Their fans want to  interact this way. These companies are serving their fans. You’re probably witnessing years of tribe leadership. 

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Stories That Build Brand Loyalty

In the Entrepreneur’s world the best story is around YOU. How you broke through your challenges. Notice I said “Broke”

In the Small Business world the best stories are around production of your products and services. How you do what you do. 

Will you be giving away your secrets? Kinda but NOT. Reveal the tip of the iceberg only.

People are lazy. If what you do is great? They’ll buy from you.

In the Medium and Big Business world stories that build Brand Loyalty are customer-centric stories. 

In today’s digital world stories can be presented using many different mediums. Video, Image, Text. They all work.

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