Optimize your website for people

and your online sales will grow.

Every business owner wants more sales. Some don’t know where to start. Some use Technology tools. Some use tricks and gimmicks. The business owners who win customers by building trust gains sales with the smallest budget and the highest returns…SALES plus lots of die-hard fans. Your website is your online salesperson.

“But Google and Facebook control how I appear at the top of the first page when people search!”

True. But even if painting is your business (long sales cycles) there are ways to get your best customer to sell for you. Keep reading…I’ll share the secret soon.

Optimize your website for human behaviour and responses

When you build a website you must bring eyeballs to your site. You can do this with online paid advertising or you can commit to an SEO campaign. Those eyeballs are embedded into people who have emotions. They have passion and desires. The experience you give them on your site must incorporate human behaviour and what they respond to. You must patiently watch and wait to see how they navigate your site.

At the right time you ask (just like you do in your store) “May I help you?” or “If you need any help…I’m over here”

Secret #1 (how to gain sales from satisfied customers) – collect customer reviews. keep them fresh. keep them coming. If you need help with this…Give me a call.

Optimize your site for spelling errors or human errors

“I can’t find your site”

Do not expect people to remember your URL. They remember your name faster than your URL (website domain name). Allow for spelling errors. Allow searchers to find you under your product category or industry.

Optimize your website through stories, people love stories

The most important story a site can tell is your history – The About Us page, the journey, the mistakes, the comebacks, the breakthroughs. They want to know it. They want to connect with who they are buying from. Don’t hide behind your building. What’s your hero’s journey? Your website visitors and customers want to latch onto people who are on a mission. Are you? Are you on a mission? Get more specific than saving the planet and how you guarantee customer satisfaction and deliver the best solutions.

Optimize your website’s content for people to easily read and understand

When people read the content on your pages, they are looking for solutions not a headache. If they have to check the dictionary or worse yet, Google…oops, they’re gone (never to return). Your words must be simple and to the point. Don’t make them think too hard or search more than 2 pages to find the desk they came to your site to buy.

You’ve invested many hours and hard earned profits into your website. These simple tips, when implemented, will turn your site into a lead generating machine. Are you frustrated with your attempts to do the above? No worries.

Give me a call or leave your message on my contact me page. I’d be glad to sit and listen. If I can help…then we will schedule a second meeting.