Customers are doing exactly what they want to do

Business owners, people who have products and services to sell, want to shout BOO! and scare people all day long. After scaring them they ask for a sale.

Let’s create a different scenario. Sally, that’s my avatar, is scrolling through her Instagram. Yeah, yeah. She has a husband and 2 children a blue car and lives in Woodbrook. Life is routine. Drive. Work. Drive. Cook. Clean. Sleep. Instagram is her escape. Jenny her friend went off to St. Lucia for a week on the beach.

You sell TVs. How do you get Sally to want another TV and to buy it from you? you could choose the “Keep up with the Joneses” story or you could make Sally’s life easier. Hmmmm…

  1. Entertain her
  2. Inspire her
  3. Listen to her complaints about her TV uses and experience
  4. In the meantime back at your home on the WWW (your website) you share value about how to protect her TV investment, how to use TV and internet with cyber safety in mind to protect her children. When you get Sally to opt-into your Social Media Sales Funnel you start collecting data on her and once in a while show her what she’s missing out on because of … (the problem she told you about)

You’re probably thinking “How in the world can I possibly do all that?” Social Media is not as difficult as it used to be. Business owners miss out on harvesting leads everyday because they are not using the internet the way their consumers are.

Shouting “Boo!” using scare tactics and running ads on Sales Campaigns is not a profitable Social Media Marketing Strategy. In fact all you’re doing is encouraging them to scroll right pass your ad. So for your next campaign you attach a big prize like a FitBit or Carnival costume. Your campaign will do very well, but it won’t serve you when your new leads are ready to buy a TV. They opted in for the FitBit or the costume. They have no affiliation to you.

Steps 1, 2, and 3 above is possible with a Social Automation tool. That is, you schedule and post regularly on your social channels. Step 4 is to share valuable content on your blog. Constantly looking for ways to shorten the sales cycle of a prospect ( someone who likes your content, but you have no idea who they are). With your knowledge gained in Step 3 you improve Step 4 with more relevant content.

If you truly want to capitalize and monetize on your knowledge of exactly what your customers are doing… Give me a call today.