Digital Marketing Activities For Christmas Sales and Your 2021 Plan

  1. Plan To Win
  2. Deals – Test your ideas
  3. Plan – With DATA
  4. Collect Your Data All The Time


How Would Planning Digital Marketing Activities For 2021 Benefit You?

Plan to find out new information or test assumed attributes of your customers.

❓ Who do you want to serve and why do they want to buy from you❓

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Whatever your budget. We will help you use it the most efficient way to capture my audience and deliver ROI for you. First step in any marketing campaign is to increase conversions at each stage in your sales pipeline. If you capture 1000 eyeballs for $10. and 20 people click to your ad or post or page. We work to improve from 20 people to 40 people. 

What software do you need to take care of the monotonous tasks? We can’t answer that until we understand what tasks you wish to automate. We will need to know what you want your customer to do on your specific page with a specific campaign.

Should you hire another staff? Do you outsource? Watch this short video to understand the reasons behind this question


The question of assigning tasks to staff is a big question for managers and CEO’s 

What is more important – Why do you prefer to have them in front of you? Who is more reliable in delivering reports and updates when promised?



Should You Spend your Digital Marketing Activities Copying the Competition?

How much effort does it take to copy your competitor? and How do you know you are not missing 90% of the ice-burg?

You shouldn’t copy your competitor. Besides driving you and your staff mad… you’ll forever be behind. You’ll be going Toe to Toe with them. You would most probably miss out on why your customers love you and choose to buy from you. Have a look at Apple. Instead of accepting defeat in the computer industry from 1980 to 2000 Apple took a dig at entering the music industry with a high-risk product – the iPod. That launched Apple into a growth that has only recently slowed down.  

Adopt what works. Adapt according to the expectations of your customers. This is exactly what Steve Jobs did. 


Why should you hire an expert of Digital Marketing Activities?

The thinking. I believe in you as a business person. I believe you have a great product/service. 

The market (of buyers) is fed up of ads

Take the air-condition phenomenon of Summer 2019 and 2020. Blaux and others ran their ads all over YouTube.

They got sales! Their story was great! 

Their product failed in the review section of their marketing. 

people won’t touch you again after they have been burnt. The short success in sales is not worth the shame that follows you for a long time.

Sthe Godin put it best. Your marketing is in every department of your business. Every employee is a marketing representative of your company. Every touch point between you and your customer should be carefully monitored for flaws and reviews  


Plan Your Digital Marketing Activities For Christmas Sales

It’s not too late!

The biggest ROI is sitting in the conversion section of your sales Pipeline. What’s a Sales Pipeline? the journey of your customer from the many touchpoints on Social Media to email to the completed sale or buy button.

Here’s what you should not do with your online Ad Campaigns

Run Ads and send them to your Facebook Page. Why? Facebook is too noisey!

Run Ads and send them to your Home Page. NO. Because they may get distracted and like most people with the goldfish brain, they forget in less than 3 secs why they landed there in the first place

Run Ads to your Landing Page. Ahhhh Now you’re talking.

Watch video to find out why sending clicks to your Landing Page works best. And how to make sure you close the sale.


If you want to get the best ROI from your Ads. Hire an expert. Even the little they can do in this little bit of time left before Christmas 2020 may jump your revenue by 10 -15% 

If you are already spending money on ads… Hey do you want the last click? The last click is where it counts the most. 


Should You Have Deals For Black Friday or Christmas 2020!

Test your deals. Test against yourself. Collect the DATA.

If you want to see positive results faster. Connect with us. Drop us a message. We’ll interview you and see if we’re a fit for your problems.

All Digital Marketing Activities we share WORKS!