Consumers want to find you… if you let them

Outside of Sales, Moving Sales, Fire Sales, 60% Discount if you buy in the next 2 hours. Consumers want to know how your product or service is different from your competitor. Consumers want to know about guarantees and refund policies. The more complex your product or service they want to know about your support and available “how-to” videos.

Consumers ask Google questions every day. In fact a WSI partner did some data compilations for 61million times people landed on a site (sessions) based on a Google search. The relevant info here is that new visitors, people who have never come to your site before, make up 55% of the 61 million sessions. Consumers are searching. The problem is you are not showing up on their screen.

The biggest hurdle around giving consumers the information they want REMAINS with the fact that Google’s bots are constantly changing the rules. Keeping up with new updates from Google is no easy task. Spend the night cracking the code and two days later the code changes.

Honestly, Google’s bots do this to optimize the results for the unsuspecting consumer. Marketers and IT guys early in the game of the Internet broke the code (SEO) on how to get their client’s websites to rank. Google wants relevant website pages that answer the query to rank. So the sole purpose of employing bots to change the code constantly was to outwit the lazy marketers and IT people.

My conversion expert teacher told me one simple rule: Write for the people who read and code for the bots.

The fundamental SEO rules have not changed. I’m not going to lay it out here because the list is too long. Go look it up on MOZ site if that’s what you’re looking for.

Hey, I work according to the rules of Google and if you want your content to rank (granted it is relevant content) so the right consumers can find you easily, Give me a buzz. The only way you fall off Page one is if you change your hosting site and lose all the backlinks.

Writing content that helps the right consumers find you easily is based on the words you rank your page for.