offers an online platform for prepaid mobile users to recharge their mobile minutes quickly and conveniently. The company offers mobile recharge in over 120 countries around the world and has partnerships with over 220 mobile network providers globally. Prepaid phones are a convenient option for people who are living away from their native countries and need an inexpensive way to communicate with family back home, or who need to provide financial support to their families back home. makes it even more affordable by offering loyalty programs and reward points that can later be redeemed by their customers for more minutes.


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Not Their First SEO Experience

The company has worked with various marketing agencies in the past but had not been happy with the results. Only approx. 25% of their website traffic was coming from organic search, while the majority of the traffic was coming through paid advertising, direct and referrals. They were looking for better organic positioning, attention to details and strategic thinking. That’s when they hired WSI in early 2019 to help them reach their goals.

The WSI Approach

We decided to implement the project with a phased approach of promoting one international corridor at a time for This would give us an opportunity to understand the company, its customers, the market and their challenges. We can take the lessons learnt from the first phase and implement it to the other corridors later. So at this early stage in the project, our focus is to promote the company’s sales in Haiti, for the two major telecom providers – Natcom Haiti and Digicel.

We started with adding fresh, meaning full content on the SEO landing pages, optimizing the landing pages with the target keywords, and making other changes on the website aimed at improving conversion.

The target landing pages for the phase one are –


One the on-page work was complete, we moved to off-page activities, as part of which we are syndicating freshly written content to blogging platforms like Tumblr, Weebly, Medium, Blogspot, Issuu, and WordPress

The Results

The early results of the campaign are very encouraging. Within first two months of starting off-page activities, we improved organic traffic by 72% over the previous Year and traffic from Haiti increased by 148%. This is just the beginning, we continue to improve upon and optimize our campaign, and are committed to bring even better results in the following months. We plan to launch the second phase of the SEO campaign soon, with efforts to improve traffic and revenue from other countries.

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