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Phoenix Arizona Dog training Facility hires WSI  to Increase SEO Visibility and Clients!

Arizona Dog Sports Dog Training and Educational Academy

AZ Dog Sports is  known for being the premier indoor dog sports and dog training facility in the Scottsdale/ Phoenix area.  They are an APDT affiliated facility which is staffed by certified  dog trainers. They master the philosophy of positive training methods. They offer over 65 dog training classes per week being, as well as services such as Dog Board & Train, Dog Walking services, in home Pet sitting  and a Dog Training Academy. The academy program trains people who are interested in learning how to become a dog trainer. AZ Dog Sports has just about everything for the dog lover! 

AZ Dog Sports is not only competing with dog industry websites and big chains for many of their services, but also they  compete with individual providers working out of their homes, as well as online training academies. This makes the local digital presence essential for their success to fill all 65 classes!

They came to eSpark Marketing with two specific goals for their online presence

Upon examination of their website and their current SERP positions, we constructed an SEO strategy to focus on each service area individually, starting with their most coveted buyer persona; the person interested in learning how to become a dog trainer or improve their dog training skills for an occupation or hobby within the dog industry.

AZ Dog Sports Dog Training Phoenix AZ GymAfterwards, we remapped the website, rewrote content, conducted on-page SEO optimization and off-page SEO optimization. All with the aim to achieve more qualified traffic and thus increase conversions. Then came the increase in clients! Besides search engine optimization, our plan also included social media ad campaigns, social media in-house training  and improved analytics reporting.

That new innovative marketing took off! In the first year of business for the AZ Dog Smart Academy (newly expanded name), the marketing brought in dozens of new students and introduced a whole new generation of certified dog professionals to the valley of the sun!   If you’d like more information about AZ Dog Sports or AZ Dog Smart Academy, please follow our blogs on Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress or Weebly.

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