WSI has collected 75 WMA awards recognising excellence in how we build websites

Website build projects foundation includes:

  • unique, high resolution images
  • user friendly navigation
  • information that customers need
  • Google tags and meta data metrics


The website categories features in the above video are:

Best Biotechnology website: Myoton AS- Digital Palpitation (WSI Consultant in Estonia)

Healthcare provider website: Uptown Eye Specialists (WSI Consultant in USA)

Healthcare provider website: Centre Dentaire Pierrfonds (WSI Consultant in Canada)

Energy website: Green Stock Solar (WSI Consultant in USA)

Home Building website: Stone Sense (WSI Consultant Canada)

our newly updated website


ROI on a new or updated Website


In today’s fast changing digital world. It is necessary to change your website at least every 3 years. You wouldn’t want to keep the same showcase window for more than 6 months would you? Its the same with your online presence. The last major technical update was Mobile. More than 60% of customers search the web from their mobile. In some industries(e.g. food and beverage) this number is even higher.

Website visitors are growing accustomed to more features and navigation on a website. If they come to yours and cannot be served like they want to be. They’re gone and off to your competitor’s.

Website visitors want information now. Your website must be updated frequently. If you don’t tell your visitors that you received the latest Samsung phone, they would assume that you didn’t.

Nothing is achieved overnight. If your current digital marketing advisor is promising you instant sales if you give them your digital campaign…they are fooling you.

At WSI, our model is to listen and offer what would work best for you. After implementing a campaign we collect data. The data directs the future success. If we cannot give you the digital world you desire we will tell you upfront. The best digital marketing ROI comes after continued efforts at tweaking your campaigns and projects.

I look forward to serving you