Weave your sales pitch into your branding campaign

A BRAND Campaign shares your story. Makes the viewer happy they stopped by to read, smile or laugh. Communicates your message, mission, and vision without putting your audience to sleep. The one reaction you must avoid is “Yeah, so is So-n-So” (your competition.)

2 years ago if you ran a campaign that popped in front of enough people (1million views) you should see some jump in sales. If you lean heavily on entertaining your audience there is no guarantee on a next quarter jump in sales. Or even a sustained sales number.

You want to move your company into a healthy growth curve? one that consists of sustained expenses, sustained marketing, increased profits. Crazy? Not really. Why? Because small companies are stealing market share from traditional companies. Such companies pick a reason for existence. They tell a few. They stick to their reason for existence. They grow because their audience shares their social content.

A company’s brand goes beyond the logo, mission, and vision statements. Let’s stop a sec here. Your customer does not care what your mission, and vision is. Your employees only care about it if it promises how they will be treated. The logo matters to the extent that it’s appearance conjures up a feeling. As a woman, seeing a feminine napkin advertisement, logo, or image TURNS me off. I look away!

Brand personality. Many companies try to buy their personality. An entrepreneur’s brand personality is himself (herself). It takes time to build a brand. It is very common that a entrepreneur’s brand changes over time. Small businesses can start off serving toddlers and because of future decisions your audience changes or you may realise that you were going after the wrong audience. To demonstrate and respect privacy we call it: Company “R’. Company R sold security camera’s of all sizes for all types of purposes. Company R wanted to increase their sales. They consulted with a business colleague of mine. After some discussion, My colleague started doing tests on their site. The source of their traffic. How many were converting. Email campaign for those who opted in. Again, for the sake of privacy I can only say one thing. His most lucrative audience was happily discovered through this exercise.

What’s my point? You may think your brand and your avatar (demographic of your best customer) is one thing. When it is really something else. So advertising is not the only solution to building brand awareness so you could realise more sales. There is so much more to Digital Marketing than advertising your Brand.

By the way. If you have reached this far and you still don’t have the picture. I’ll state it a different way one last time. Brand Awareness Campaigns is not the only solution to drooping sales curves. If you’ve tried everything under your sun in your world and you still seeing drooping sales… it’s time to do something different to generate sales. Give me a call today