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    Brand Marketing Video Strategy

    video 1

    Are you making the same mistakes that kept Van Gogh poor?


    Video 2

    Turn Your Stories Into Brand Loyalty


    Video 3 with guest Debbie Ann Jollie- The Stammering Communicator

    Know, Like and Trust  Builds Brand Loyalty

    Thank you Debbie Ann Jollie for joining us on this video


    video 4

    How To Build a Profitable Awesome Brand in Digital Age

    Don’t take too long to reach out and talk to us about building your Digital Brand whose revenue is bigger than your ego 🙂

    Are you making the same mistakes that kept Van Gogh poor?

    • Overly passionate about your BRAND
    • Strict Mindset of who you are and what you do
    • Never venture to the edge if no one wishes to accompany you

    “I lost my job as an Art Salesman. It was the customer’s fault. He wanted to buy the wrong paintings” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

    It never ceases to amaze me that historical public figures are only known for 10% of their story. Their success part, what made them famous. The rest is… history. 😞 Their journey, their struggles are so much more powerful. They succeeded despite… They succeeded because… Vincent’s brother Theo was the manager of an art gallery in Paris. He is the reason we know of his brother’s paintings and life.

    What does history have to do with your Era of Recognition and Fame?

    Simple. Relax your stronghold on your “Brand” Do what will make your customer like and refer you

    Social Media is like an untamed toddler. You love it. You give it what you think it is crying for. You continue to ‘bribe it’ with what you think it wants… (paid ads and great viral content) and all you get is a sucked bit of biscuit.

    YET… you continue to demand your marketing team to give you that stringent ‘Look and Feel’ All online content must pass your rules.

    What will you lose if you change your “voice”

    Maybe that’s too huge a risk for you.

    But for me. From where I’m standing, the road you are on will… by Quarter-4 2020 land you in the history books as “The female executive who entered her company in ‘The Race of Cheap’ (The Red Ocean of high competition and lots of discounts)

    I prefer to introduce you to the new you who…

    • Creates Social posts and ad images that do NOT wreak of Ad Copy (which repels even your best customers) before they have a chance of trying you out
    • Removes your breastplate of “I’m the best in my industry”
    • Has no fear of walking through your social pages
    • Is now willing to discover the reasons why your loyal customers buy from you

    Fill out the contact form when you are ready to build Brand Loyalty with longevity or follow me on Social Media

    Turn Your Stories Into Brand Loyalty

    Businesses are concerned about their Brand Reputation and 

    • protect it with a tunnel of vaults
    • Speak to their Social Media fans and watch reports of their mentions
    • Hide their weaknesses


    Brand Loyalty is not a derivative of Brand Reputation

    What you busily protect… no one cares about, except you. Keep protecting and soon you will stand alone.   

    At the beginning of Social Media (way back in history… 1997) some crazy marketers said to not argue with negative or bad comments on your pages. All you need to do is acknowledge their complaint and ask them to call you or email you. Take the conversation away from the audience. Many companies new to Social Media preferred to ignore the complaints or even delete the post of the plaintiff. 

    Brand Loyalty is built when you are transparent in who you are, how you operate as a company, and publicly listen to your fans (audience)

    Are You Talking to Yourself on Social Media?

    We wonder how some Company pages post only about themselves. Every post is about what they sell. AND they have thousands of likes (with engagement being <3%.)

    You decide to copy their strategy and all you hear is CRICKETS. Well, actually, SILENCE really. Cause in my yard crickets are noisey. 

    Companies who have culture easily gain brand loyalty in Social Media. They’ve built a reputation that resonates with their fans. They give their fans what they like. Their fans want to  interact this way. These companies are serving their fans. You’re probably witnessing years of tribe leadership. 

    Stories Build Brand Loyalty

    In the Entrepreneure’s world the best story is around YOU. How you broke through your challenges. Notice I said “Broke”

    In the Small Business world the best stories are around production of your products and services. How you do what you do. 

    Will you be giving away your secrets? Kinda but NOT. Reveal the tip of the iceberg only.

    People are lazy. If what you do is great? They’ll buy from you.

    In the Medium and Big Business world stories that build Brand Loyalty are customer-centric stories

    In today’s digital world stories can be presented using many different mediums. Video, Image, Text. They all work.

    If what we’ve said in the video raised some questions and you wish our advice? Drop us a message. 


    Leave a comment on YouTube, send me a message, of fill contact form. Hope to meet you soon.


    We had a guest for this video. She spoke on importance of “Know, Like and Trust” to build your Brand Loyalty

    Thank you Debbie Ann Jollie for joining us on this video

    How To Build a Profitable Awesome Brand in Digital Age

    Today’s video is for Brand Managers who believe that your brand has potential market share growth without breaking your 50K marketing budget ceiling cap 

    We would like to share what we’ve experienced in international markets and what we’ve discovered.

    The Power of Your Brand is in the perception of the Consumer

    Hilo’s story: “The Nations’ Favorite Foodstore”

    TaTiL’s story: “At TATIL people are people. You know what ah mean.”


    Coca Cola is an international brand. They have chosen the path of keeping connected to each new buying generation. Their slogan constantly changes. It works for them. How do we know? They’re still doing it.

    Competition got tough. There are many supermarkets who came into existence and stole market share from Massy. It is what it is.

    Prepare for competition. 

    You decide if you want to choose their style of branding or discover your own.

    To me that’s where the success of a strong Brand in today’s Digital Age exists and begins.

    Do you have a big enough budget to BRAINWASH your consumer into loving you, choosing to buy your product or service over the competition?


    The typical marketing perspective of a company who’s not in touch with their customers

    They focus on

    1. Logo
    2. Vision statement
    3. Tag line of a marketing campaign
    4. Slogan containing a promise
    5. Jingle – a piece of this year’s road march

    Big Question: If you’ve adopted this as your process of coming up with a marketing campaign…

    1. How effective is this process? 
    2. How has it impacted sales and market share?
    3. How did you track your key metrics?

    The secret to tracking offline marketing campaigns is in following Direct Marketing Principles. No one does this anymore because it is faster to design an image, slap on the tag line you want and run it. Print, record, pay. 

    Direct marketing includes:

    1. research copy give perfect consumer reason to buy Distribution
    2. Sometimes it’s a discount
    3. BOGO / Guarantee

    These principles can’t stand alone. 

    Take one out and your campaign fails. 


    What should you be doing with that $50K marketing budget?

    Measure how much revenue you made last year. Know the total you spent on marketing and advertising. 

    40% of your marketing budget should go towards testing. Promise yourself that nothing hits the printing press (the actual physical printing press) until that testing budget brings in a positive ROI. 

    (Hilary and I are constantly testing our campaigns.)

    If what we’ve said here raises any questions… Feel free to send us a message private or public. Your choice. 

    I look forward to meeting you one day