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Email Marketing is profitable part of all sales funnels

A sales funnel is moving people from their knowledge of their pain to their decision to buy from you. They may or may not have touched one or more of your online properties. They may have had conversation with your messenger bot on your site or on Facebook. They may be aware of you that you can solve their problem. Because they gave you their email it does not mean they love you nor are they loyal to you. You still need to nurture them. Obtaining their email is a great conversion.

Please note that not because they gave you their email (for what ever reason) it does not mean that you can send them what ever information you want to promote today. Their problem could have disappeared. A friend could have bought what they were looking for. They may even have forgotten they had a problem. The purpose of a nurturing sales funnel is to move them along to the point where the problem becomes top priority and you’re prepared to sell to them the minute they admit that they are fed up of their pain or wish to be rid of their problem. Just like all other types of marketing…your focus is on giving value while asking for the sale. Conversion. Conversion. Conversion.

Please note…in today’s technologically advancing world…there are may be more steps before they give you permission to enter into their inbox or their phone. The more you as a business respect this the more success (i.e. sales) you will realise.  And if you are a great CopyWriter you close more sales with your email series and funnels.

Now let’s get to the details of email marketing…

Email Marketing is a one on one conversation with your customer. I am on many email lists. Why should I torture myself this way? Why do I freely give out my email address? Why am I on their list? I am looking for people who want to harness the power of email marketing. The businesses who talk one on one with their customers have a 30%+ open rate and a 20%+ purchase rate. These figures are also becoming true for the companies who use ALL online touchpoints with respect and best practices.

I had a conversation with a very busy owner of a cafe in Boston. We had a genuine conversation. 3 to 4 times we went back and forth. I feel as if we’re friends. Yes. I would pop in the next time I’m in Boston.

Email marketing

Email Marketing Do’s

Segment your list – know the product or service they opted-in for.

  • Ask permission to send them updates of other products and services you sell
  • According to the industry, your relationship and style of writing…frequency of emails differ
  • Market your products and services with patience
  • Plan workflows. Plan the series of emails. Plan when you offer a different product or service. Plan when your sales rep picks up the phone to call the prospect. If you want help with successful planning. Call me. Contact me.


Email Marketing DON’Ts (and all messaging apps too)

A person opts-in to your list to receive a door prize at your event. DON’T follow-up with your daily lunch special or deal of the week

You are hosting an event and a person on social media asks you for more details. They share their email with you.DON’T follow-up thereafter with frequent motivational quotes.

A friend from primary school be-friends you on social media. DON’T send them your daily baked goods pictures asking them to order

Yep. I too was guilty. I did all of the above. I was desperate to get my message out there. Spread my ideas. After all that’s what my mentor told me to do. :/ I’d like to save you from such embarrassing moments. They received my email only because…nothing else. Email marketing does work. You’ve just been following bad examples (and mentors).

Another embarrassing one – You intentionally use all possible means of telling everyone about what you do…the FREE way. Time to get off the FREEway. It takes you nowhere. Invest in training, an expert, or do the research by following expert email marketers. Or. Read a book or ten.

Just this week a big local company started sending me and my husband spam. We have loyalty cards for one of their departments. They sent mail about a machinery they want me to buy. A machinery I will probably never buy. This is a big one – DON’T copy how big companies market themselves.


Email Marketing – How it works

You run a marketing campaign (a series of emails for a special promotion). You give away an offer free or low cost. In order for people to receive your gift they must give you their name and email. This is called an opt-in.

A well-crafted offer is what stomps most companies. They fool themselves into thinking that they are in control of what will get them the most yes’s (opt-ins). They fool themselves…or heard of a neat trick…that will get people to give them their name and email. When ipods first came out and everyone was lining up to buy them…many companies thought if their prize were an iPod/iPone/iPad they will capture a huge email list. Then you are left wondering why your list is not responding to your lovely, well-crafted insurance sales pitches. You’re bending over backwards. You’re giving away serious dollar value and they are still not grabbing at your offer. (Scratch-your-head moment) Your list wanted the iP…thing not your insurance policy.

Let’s assume you realised your error was in the gift. Let’s assume you have a list of people interested in the security of insurance. If you are not getting them to call on the phone or respond via email…then you need an expert. During your FREE, no-obligation, consultation…I usually find 1 to 3 ways to increase your open rates by 5-15%. Call me today.

If you want to know what kind of profits email marketing experts generate…then check out these stats

If you want to email your list with efficiency…use an auto-responder.

Some auto-responders are not as strict as others in terms of who is on your list and how you acquired their contact information. Abuse this and you will be penalised.

What is an auto-responder?

It’s not a way for you to respond to their enquiry with an automated series of buy-from-me messages. Auto-responders is a software that allows you to mail to more than one person at a time while the software personalises the mail. So the receiver thinks that it is a personal mail from you.

Best SALES results happen because the sending company respects the person who is receiving the mail. The “feel special” wording is very important to generate sales. You must make them feel important to be on your list, to receive this information you are sending them. Last week I ran into four people who had fund-raising tickets to sell. In other words…lots of charities are begging. I crafted my message. Out of the 9 people I messaged. 8 bought. Mind you, I’m very passionate about this particular charity.

The company sending the email sends only relevant information. Relevant to what they opted-in for.

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