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It’s a mobile world. Connect. Be where your consumers are.

Hey…Mister Business owner, If you want to sell more or even stay in business for the next 5 years…then you need to change how and where you connect and talk to your prospective buyers.

52% of global internet traffic (Google search) happens on a mobile device

According to a new study, 78% of all local searches on mobile devices led to a direct purchase within 24 hours. Of those purchases 73% were done in a physical store, 16% by phone, and 11% online.

34% of “near me” searches done via desktop and tablets result in store visits. (HubSpot)

What does this mean for you Mr. and Mrs. Business Owner?

Simple. You must plan for and design your visitors’ journey through your website. This journey must be frictionless i.e. without frustrations and most importantly…let them find what they are looking for. They don’t necessarily want the deal of the month. They want their problem solved and they want it right now or they’re gone – never to return to your URL

How Mobile Consumers Browse

Mobile phones have forever changed the way people live and it’s forever changed what they expect of your company, your brand. They have fractured the consumer journey into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments throughout the day. Each moment providing an opportunity for you to connect with and shape a customer’s decisions and preferences.

Micro-moments are critical touch points within a consumer’s journey and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends. Examples of micro-moments include researching a product in-store, finding the nearest restaurant or perhaps buying movie tickets while sitting in the doctor’s waiting room.

How Mobile Consumers Buy

Immediate Action: Consumers can now act on any impulse at any time, taking immediate action whenever they want to learn, find, do, or even buy something.

Demand for Relevance: When consumers act on their immediate needs, their expectations are high and their patience is low. This makes the quality, relevance and usefulness of your marketing more important than ever.

Loyal to Needs: Consumer preferences and purchases are shaped in the micro-moments. Ultimately, the brands that do the best job of addressing consumer needs in each moment will influence the consumer the most. It is important for you to be there when your customers need you.

Adapt your marketing to the size of mobile screens. this is the biggest opportunity for companies to connect with consumers, and grow their brand and revenue. Best of all, it is currently a very cost-effective marketing opportunity for businesses – this window of opportunity is closing fast.

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