Your Digital Media Marketing Mix for continued leads and sales must bring you closer to your 4 core goals.

Digital Marketing Mix

These 4 core goal areas are:
1. Insightful market research
2. Effective customer acquisition
3. Value added communication
4. Lasting Brand Loyalty

Like most business strategies, working towards these 4 core goals entails 7 types of actions.

1)Evaluate where your company stands with regards to your digital media marketing mix. How do you analyse your content campaigns, advertising campaigns, your customer and competitor actions, and your strategy blueprint. Step back and ask yourself do you have a blueprint to evaluate.

2) Your digital marketing blueprint should be effectively communicating to your visitors when they come to your website? Compel your visitors to communicate to you further through effective landing pages, mobile apps, and ecommerce.

3) The next step in a complete digital media marketing mix is sharing your content with Adaptive SEO

4) Help your message reach a bigger audience when they are online in the right place and at the right time. Make sure and present your message in several media formats; video as well as graphics. Reach your audience with retargeting and display advertising. In other words, use ppc or display or retargeting methods to attract your audience and bring them closer to you.

5) Social media is a must in today’s mix of digital marketing strategy. Listen, entertain, engage, and nurture your customers constantly without them becoming annoyed with your message.

6) Conversion of website visitors into leads and conversion of leads into sales need no longer be the missing piece in your digital media marketing mix. Invest in marketing automation.

7) All successful digital marketing strategy includes email marketing. This method still remains the most cost effective sales generating strategy. Done right, It builds brand loyalty and a bigger market share.

Each part of your digital media marketing mix is brought together by routinely monitoring, testing, and improving. Use the combination of tried and tested best practices methodology we’ve talked about in this short video and I, as your local WSI Internet marketing expert will bring global expertise to you . I will develop the marketing blueprint that best works for your target audience.

Digital Marketing Mix

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