Boost your SEO by posting content on more than one Social Platform

Hi self-made Business owner,

Do you know you are actually killing your own SEO story by how you post (or rather not post) on your social profiles? In fact the line above says it all.

Here’s a fact Facebook would never tell you. Facebook is selfish. That’s why they’re in business still. I want you to be a smarter elf-made business owner so you can generate more sales from your social posting efforts.

When you upload your social posts on their(Facebook/Instagram) site only… you are actually in “Closed For Business” status. Yes. They have millions of active users monthly, daily, etc. Yes you should be active daily on these platforms. Here’s why you are in “Closed for Business” status. If there are buyers who don’t have a Facebook account… they will never see your posts. They don’t know that your business is open. Another fact… if they log out of their Facebook account when they ask Google to search for what you sell… you are also in “Closed For Business” status.

Don’t worry. We got your back.

Video Marketing expert Felicia and Pinterest Marketing Expert – Katrina… join Digital Marketing Experts Hilary and Bernadette to highlight a social media marketing concept of: Open vs Closed Platforms.

Open Platforms like Pinterest, YouTube and Google are driven by keywords. People search for something and if your content uses that keyword… you’re likely to be found.
Closed Platforms like Facebook and Instagram want to be their own search engine. When you post content on these closed platforms your audience is limited to their users only.
Why have closed networks like Facebook and Instagram do this? Two things: they use hashtags, tags, and their algorithms to put great online marketers in front of their exact audience. And two, they rely on people being forever logged into Facebook when they do a google search.
But if your audience isn’t on Facebook and all your social activity is on Facebook then they’ll never find your content nor your store because you’ve “closed” yourself off.
In order for us to fulfill our mission – Boost Your SEO (we got your back promise) We put together this FREE training. All you have to do is Click the Link and show up at the right time