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How These 5 Best Digital Practices Can Help Ensure A Great ROI From Your Trade Convention Investment

Many Best Of Businesses in Trinidad and Tobago spent weeks preparing for the annual TIC Convention in Macoya Complex. They all had great booths, smiling staff with well presented products. Big Question? How does investing in TIC make me one of the best of business companies? How does investing in TIC Convention make my market share grow? How do I find more of the right buyers for my product lines? Honestly, it’ll take more than follow-up phone calls.

This is where people who understand advertising in today’s digital advertising world make the biggest difference in gaining a fair ROI for any Investment.

Keep in mind that advertising investment includes any form of awareness, promotion, giveaways, and sponsorship of your company’s goods and services.

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5 Digital Marketing Ways To Ensure ROI From A Business Convention

Sweepstakes. People love free stuff. And they love playing games. At TIC Best of Business Convention I and many others collected: pens, writing pads, gadgets like keychains, bottlecap openers, etc. Sweepstakes entertain prospects. But how do you keep them engaged? Get them to like your Facebook Page, follow on Twitter and Instagram or Connect on LinkedIn, etc. Let’s go even further. How do you get to connect to the right people who use the products and services you offer. In digital marketing we call this qualifying your leads. During your Sweepstake, when they are gladly interacting with you for their promised prize, you conduct a survey! Let the survey do the segmenting and qualifying of your prospects. Then you follow-up with qualified leads!


Display Advertising.

Most companies only understand display advertising as you sending out messages about your products and services on billboards and at relevant events. Display advertising in the digital world is placing banners on designated websites, networks, mobile apps, mobile, email, etc. You name it your ad can be everywhere. The easiest way to get the list of names you collected to see your ad when they browse the internet, either on their smartphone or desktop,…is to get them to come to your site for a reason. That’s why giving away digital information is better than physical pamphlets and flyers.

Besides, think about it. If you sell hammers, only people who are interested in a better hammer will search you out. You want qualified leads to interact with you on your website and on your social sites.

So, you collected call cards or wrote down many names and emails at TIC. The worst thing you could do is call them up and ask them what they want to buy from you. Everybody does that, and you no longer want to be part of ‘everybody’. You chose to invest in a booth at TIC. 

Email Marketing. 

Most businesses ignore email marketing. It remains the cheapest form of direct marketing. All you need to do is write more interesting messages and write better headlines. Once in a while send a survey with a coupon for one of your favourite products or services. 

Email marketing just like any other marketing is to keep your business top of mind with your prospect until they are in need of your product or service. So do your prospect a favor and don’t send them messages about you and your company. The better email to send would be ones about the making of your product or your charity events, and in between a product sale or special offer. Regular emails helps your subscriber find you when they need you.  

Social Media Marketing.

Definitely my favourite. I hope that at the TIC convention you got them to like your page. There’s no better time than when you are smiling in front of them. They like you. They’ll like your page. Once you have nice numbers, 10,000+ fans, advertising to your fans cost less than advertising to get likes. Social Media is conversational! Yes! Improve your engagement, your fans will share your stuff. Who ever turns down free advertising? Check out how Social Media Examiner is retargeting their Facebook fans. The only pic I got when I searched #TIC

Follow-up with a call.  

PhoneCalls still work. Improve phone call campaign success when you build rapport with your prospect before you tell them about your products and/or services.

Digital Marketing Mix For Great Advertising and Trade Show ROI

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I’m glad I attended #TIC. If you missed out, there’s always next year. If my blog raised any questions, if you need clarification on any points, feel free to ask in the comment box below. Remember to leave your name and email.  Hope my 5 points inspire you to improve your ROI from your TIC Convention Investment.

Bernadette Chin Lee

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