The Day Video Marketing Was Born

Stats on YouTube views and uploads in Chp 8 of Digital Minds

Why Should You Use Video As A Social Media Strategy

1-YouTube is free

2-The next generation is on YouTube

3-You and your company can become celebrities in your niche in weeks

4-Viral is great, consistency is easier

5-All you need is a great way to marry entertainment and showcasing your product. Early e.g. are Blendtec and old spice.


3 Mistakes That Kill Your Success on YouTube As A Social Media Strategy

Create videos that talk about you and your product. People don’t see this as entertainment and they are on Social Media to be entertained.

The video is too long. The purpose of the video is not clear. The content is boring. You have 9 seconds to convince your viewer that he is on the right video. If its a product video <30 secs. If it’s an infomercial then ,3mins is recommended

You believe you must hire a camera crew to look professional. This makes the budget to produce huge so the likelihood of doing another video is next year. Consistency with purpose is the key to success with YouTube success