Visitors To Your Website Need To Be Impressed

Here are some quick action tips you can implement today

  •  Are you selling advertising spots on your website? This may actually be causing you more pain than gain. If the purpose of your site is to give information then you can offer advertising spots to other businesses who are complimentary to your business. The big question you need to answer is “Will the advertisements cause your visitor to leave before they take the action you want them to take. Most people when they surf the internet can’t remember the last 2 sites they went through. Placement of ads is key to a good visitor experience.

Don’t Do: Please don’t give ads huge banner space on your website especially if it’s an e-commerce website.

  • Your website visitors are visiting and want to learn about you. Show them who you are. Don’t be camera shy. Buying stock photos makes your site very impersonal. If you impress your visitors with transparency and relevancy they will tell others. They tend to browse longer thus increasing your visitors length of time they stay on your website.  Photos should reveal your brand image. Photos must be relevant to how you serve your customers.

Don’t Do: Please don’t buy stock photos to show business meetings especially if your business revolves around meetings.

  • Videos are increasing viewer experience. Yes have a video. Yes a video helps a busy person listen to your message. Yes people will quicker play a video rather than read text.

Don’t Do: Auto-Play a video and it would most likely chase your visitor away never to come back. Imagine an office clerk doing research. She lands on your page and the video auto-plays. She has no ear plugs in and suddenly she’s the attention of the room. The quickest action would be to click ‘X’ and the tab is closed and your website went with it. Embarrassing Does Not = Come Back Later.

  • Technically complicated websites with too many options and too many loop holes to access the desired information chases visitors. Too many options just may cause your visitors frustration; frustration leads to quick exits.

Do: Examine your Analytics on Your Website and know the most active pages. Make it easy for your visitors to find these. Nice way to learn this is by placing a button on your website that helps you identify through a short survey what exactly your visitor wants from you.

  • Sure you have the tech savvy knowledge to build your own website. Is this your business? It used to be that websites were an IT tool. Now it is very much the responsibility of the marketing department. Don’t you want sales from your website? A percentage of visitors turn into sales. Your website today is a marketing investment and should be part of your budget and a very important project for your marketing team.

Do: Do give your website the time and brainpower it needs to bring in the metrics you desire.

Load Speed of all pages. There are many reasons for slow load speed: large graphics, hosting, too much going on in the background, etc. Another aspect of speed is allowing your visitor to easily find the page that will satisfy their search. Fast and easy sites tend to encourage visitors to bookmark your website, share it, and even return at a later date to finish their transaction.

Do: give your site a regular 6 month check for performance issues. I have a tool on my site its called ‘Webscan’…for you to do just that. It’s on the left of this article. Go ahead: type in your URL. If you want me to explain it give me a call or fill out the contact us form.

All of the above points I made today will increase the length of time your visitor stays on your website. This metric is vital knowledge.

I hope I was able to remove many problem areas of your website performance. Increased numbers of your website visitors happens after you discover the formula of what makes happy, satisfied website visitors.


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