Happy Customers Buy on Landing Page

How To Get Your Customer To Happily Hit The Buy Button

Tell Them! and then paint your buy now button in A Bold Colour. But before they see your buy now button they must land on your landing page and before they stay on your landing page long enough to read (for more than 8 secs) they must click on the ad that has words and a pic that raises their curiosity. Check out this eBook to build landing pages that convert. I’ll teach you marketing best practices that compels your visitors to click on the buy now button.

A complete marketing campaign must be mapped out from beginning to end before you start. You must know who is your best customer. You must know where to find her. You must know how to talk to her and what keeps her up at night. Of course she’s dying for your solution. You know that your product solves her problem but you must lure her to follow your breadcrumbs that leads to the buy now button.

I would not want to do all this brainstorming and use of my thinking power to make a one-time sale. I want this buyer to become a  happy customer who turns into a raving fan who can’t help but tell everyone about me. This is the reason why I focus on nurturing my lead. I must gain the respect and trust of my lead before I show the buy now button.

The Buy Now Button Is Lost In CyberSpace

People rarely stumble across a website without actively searching for something. Don’t be sad that no one is clicking on your buy now button. Rather than be sad about being lost and unknown; think and think and think again of

  • why people need your product or service.
  • Why did you get into business in the first place.
  • Why do you truly believe people need you to be in business.
  • Think of their pain.
  • Think of how miserable they will remain the longer they stay without learning of you.

The Words That Make Them Take Action Must Be In The Headline

3% of people are in the buying mode at any point in time. “97% of your potential customers are not looking for your product or service even though they need you desperately.”~Callan Rush

The art of writing great headlines that turn heads, comes with practice. Here are some some tips:

  • Short Headlines That Are Centred On Your Page
  • Make Words Big and Bold
  • Use A Different Font
  • Use Title Case
  • “Consider Quotation Marks”

Where to Place Your Buy Now Button

The buy now button must be placed strategically at the end of your buyer’s journey. Always be concerned for the 3% that are ready to buy so make that buy button easy to be found. (If your customer is a male you must be even more strategic as men don’t like wasting time looking.) My eBook goes into more detail on how to define your best customer.

The Best Place For Your Buy Now Button Is On a Landing Page

A landing page is where your future customer is redirected to after they click on your ad from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or Bing. There must be consistencies from the ad to the landing page so your future customer will not be skeptical. So many little details are needed on your landing page to gain their trust: speak the right language, put them at ease when you use the right colours, font, font size, position of images, text, and of course your buy now button.

Step to the buy now button on a Landing Page

The Psychology Behind A Successful Landing Page

Most future customers that arrive on your landing page from an online ad is cold traffic. They don’t know you. The marketing campaign must have an offer or two that appeals to your visitors. Once they become familiar with you. Once you have them clicking…they will happily click on your buy now button.

Basic Tips of The Psychology Behind a Successful Landing Page

  1. The design
  2. The offer(s) Free offer or a low priced item combined with great value.
  3. The purpose of the landing page
  4. Page layout
  5. If they don’t buy on the first visit, use a retargeting strategy(super powerful)

The list of do’s and dont’s for a successful landing page marketing campaign is in more detail in the ebook. If you are satisfied? Great. Leave a comment below and let me know your questions or take aways. But for those who really want to implement this strategy Ask here for more information.

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