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Search Engine Optimization

Everything begins with a search. Someone searches online, specific techniques tell the search engine that your content is credible. The more people who view your site helps rank each page and ultimately, your whole site. The more content you have on your website the better rank your site will be. A website is not an Information Technology tool. A website is a marketing investment for business growth of your company.

Paid Online Advertising (PPC)

Paid advertising brings your target market to a desired page on your website. People find your website when you advertise on social sites. An online advertising campaign is not as simple as a classified advertisement on telelvision or radio. All online work is measurable and specific to answer questions. A graphic flyer will not have desirable results. Too much information? Let us handle your PPC campaign.

E-mail Marketing

This marketing method is called nurturing your future customers or past purchasers. When done correctly this method of marketing is your absolute gem of online marketing.

Content Marketing

Have no time to come up with content for your website pages? Your WSI digital marketing consultant can help you with this. Your WSI digital marketing consultant has an affordable pool of writers that can write for any industry and any size business. We also write content that will keep your website fresh. The search engines will not rank websites that was last updated the day it was launched. Such a dead website will only be seen if you are the only website in your geographical area. You will be giving your competition full permission to market to your potential customers and current customers

Social Selling

Everyday there is a new social site. The dynamics of each site may differ but fundamentally they are social. They all demand that you engage, engage, engage. Let us train your sales marketing team to meet, engage and sell on social sites. Social marketing is most effective and lucrative.

Digital Business Turn Key & Software As A Service (SAAS) Solutions

Simple, user friendly, mostly mobile. Use apps that will enhance your ability to be found by your target market. Use apps to cut expenses and improve business efficiency. Through our IBA we will can offer you what Apps will be good for your business.

• Point of Sale: Lumos
• eCommerce: Big Commerce
• Marketplaces: Near Me
• eMail Marketing: Constant Contact
• Content Marketing/Social Media: Hootsuite & HubSpot
• Event & Community: Topi App

If you or anyone you know wants to improve their digital presence through SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and/or Social Selling elling feel free to CONTACT US today.