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Social Media Marketing – Show Your Passion Using Social Media

Show Your Passion For Your Niche On Social Media. Your Brand is You. Reveal to your Customers Who You Are and They will Choose You Over The Competition.

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Some people prefer to do marketing themselves. Some people realize that their business needs their 100% focus. That’s ok. We could work with that too.

Having a business is great. In today’s world word of mouth is not enough. People need to put something online. So have a 4 Square account. Have reviews people can leave at your place of business and you put it on your online site. Preferably a Blog. People buy from people they know, like and trust. So when you brand yourself on social media sites, they get to know you. The less techy your post is the more real you look to your prospects.
Marketing Mondays will be covering several topics on Social Media. Today I wish to promote why you personally for your business should be doing something. I offered a facebook training today. It is very valuable. In our community we call her the Facebook Queen. She spent many 12 hour days digging at facebook and all the ways to best get people engaged and clicking on facebook ads. If you wish to go through what she did go right ahead. But really I believe in learning from others and getting results soon.
Social Media Marketing to get results requires you to be active. Google loves fresh content. Google loves lots of information coming from you. The more you post on a topic the more they see you as an authority on the subject. To be found on Social Media you will need to being posting using the right words. In the internet marketing world we call it Keywords. Use the keyword you wish to be found for frequently on your post. You will need to share your post on several Web 2.0 sites. If you have the time…go right ahead and do so. If you wish to know how to share your post send me a request and I’ll help you out.
Getting ranked on Google and other search engines using Social Media can take a lot of work. Connect with me and we’ll see what works best for you.

Here’s a special bonus on how best to use facebook.

Get fans on Facebook Then Make Money

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