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    Post COVID vs Pre-COVID Website Traffic|Caribbean Digital Marketing Strategy

    What Do Customers Want and Expect

    Businesses who have websites must treat their website as a tool for long-term connection, communication, and interaction with their traffic. Build your app for your brand to allow your customers to easily send you message or find what they are looking for. More than 80% of users buy from their phone.
    Apps can:
    encourage conversations (leads to conversions)
    increase ease of browsing (happier User experience)
    integrate different departments (website visitor talks directly to right dept)
    data collection

    + More

    Website Traffic Want to Feel a Connection

    Customers (website traffic) want to know who you are. Even if you do not wish to share your exact image. Create a cartoon version of yourself or your customer. They want to know how others who have bought from you view you. You cannot fake your personality. Today’s consumer value transparency. They want to know who they are talking to.

    Website Traffic Want The Emotional Connection in COVID Era.

    Here’s some evergreen advice. Your organic website traffic searches for a solution. They like your headline and your meta description. They click the link. Now your website page needs to satisfy their hunt for information or their search for a trusted business to satisfy their curiosity. One of the highest viewed pages on a website during a visit session is The About Us Page.

    Suggestions for Update of your About us page

    • Frequent updates
    • Update your stories, business challenges, client successes and shoutouts,
    • Link other pages when you add content to them
    • Edit your story if its boring. (I’m not giving you permission to lie.) Every story needs to be told and is relevant to your customer who cares.