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    Sell To The Caribbean Consumer

    Know What The Caribbean Consumer Wants

    The door to door salesman of the last century was a master salesman. He understood his consumer. He sharpened his skills daily. He knew his customers by name, their children’s names and their pets’ names.

    He knew and understood what she needed. He knew why she needed his gadget and how time and effort would be saved. He talked to her higher needs (which she dared not share with anyone). All his words were focused on the person in front of him.

    He knew what to say to make the purchase or transaction happen.


    Businesses rely heavily on salesmen. In today’s world of digital and technological enhancements most Caribbean companies have not found a happy medium between marketing and sales. They run after easier or faster ways to get to the Caribbean consumers’ ears or eyes… on Social Media. The connection that’ll cut marketing expenses and reach the masses (grow revenue) rarely happens.

    In today’s Digital and Technological World we talk to our customers through call centres, receptionist (who prefers not to be bothered) and programmed messages. The marketing campaign causes the phone to ring but the staff falls short of converting them into sales.

    Business owners and brand managers look to latest trends and hacks and execute their Digital Campaigns . Everyone is on Tik Tok? The command goes out to make new content for Tik Tok. Create the channel and blast it out. Find eyeballs, ears, Likes, and Shares. Find Caribbean consumers on Tik Tok.

    The Chasm between the Sales-staff and the office staff is easily solved. Book a meeting today.

    Instagram takes a backseat. Their followers were growing and their messages were just beginning to have traction. They did not reach the point of gaining purchases without having to pay for their cart checkouts. They did not discover the magic of stopping the scroll and gaining new followers daily.

    Do Successful Digital Marketing Caribbean Agencies Execute Online Ads?

    They do. But they don’t start their campaigns with ads on Facebook nor Google. A campaign that generates ROI in 3 to 6 months starts with testing from many angles. Every group of Caribbean consumers have different agendas and higher needs. You must sharpen your campaigns weekly. Each campaign has a specific purpose and serves a different part of your sales funnel.

    Successful Digital Marketing Agencies in the Caribbean treat each Caribbean customer uniquely. And our aim is to do just that. When our customers (clients) have profitable marketing campaigns we win loyal clients who refer us to their friends.

    What Caribbean Consumers Want

    • They don’t like to be manipulated.
    • They share your ads and tag their friends quite frequently
    • They do buy. But not at the speed as if they were on a US website. This can change.

    Respect. Fun. Something to smile about. And they love Bargains.

    Caribbean businesses need to market with purpose.

    Do you wish to market without paying for clicks and eyeballs?

    • STOP the scroll
    • Cause a Reaction
    • Make the click count. Make the click measureable. Allow the click to give you revenue.
    • Look for consumers who are looking for you

    Ready to begin a new way to market your business? I’m only a consultation away. Your first hour is on us.