For Business thinkers only:

Who is your Thought Leader? Who’s advice are you following?

Your leader in this regard is not necessarily in your industry. The marketing master himself, Jay Abraham, says he always gets his breakthrough by bringing great ideas found in other industries into his current client’s marketing. The big question you should be asking yourself before you launch or better yet think of your next marketing campaign launch is Who Are You Following?

Why should you follow? Simple. They broke ground. Their idea is working for them. Their sales are growing and delivering profits. It really does not matter what the industry is.

Instead of saying “my industry is different” you should ask yourself, “how do my consumers buy?” and adapt the breakthrough idea to their buying habits.

Thought Leaders in today’s Digital World

Sleep and dream about their clients and put the experience of their product into their clients’ dreams. Did I lose you there? Ok. Look at it this way. Let’s say you’re a photographer. You’d like to sell more family portrait sessions to fill your gap between big events (weddings) What should you do on Social Media to tell your families you take great family portraits? Help them to imagine themselves in beautiful garden scenes. Families watch their children grow and would like to professionally capture this image.

Showcase themselves to draw attention to a small niche of their industry’s buyers

Watch and measure the right KPIs which help them to remove the friction between them and their buyers.

Know their Cost of each sale in each segment of their market and for each product/service they sell. Mesh the KPIs with Cost of Sales and they know what their marketing budget should be and thus market with low costs and high ROI (profits)

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