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    Uncover The Hidden Profits Already In Your Online Sales Pipeline|eCommerce Website Conversions

    Uncover The Hidden Profits Already In Your Online Sales Pipeline|eCommerce Website Conversions

    How Traditional Marketing Thinking is Causing You To Ignore Online Strategies That Force Eyeballs Onto Your eCommerce Site

    - grow your eCommerce REVENUE?

    - need more eyeballs on your site and more completed carts and more repeat sales.

    - what cause your visitors to leave your site or abandon their carts?

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    Are you adamant about NOT moving into new marketing strategies that win you SALES and gain you higher REVENUE?

    I was returning from a client visit some weeks ago ( I don’t use GPS) I was in an unfamiliar part of town. A voice popped into my head suggesting that I take a different route. I quickly overruled the suggestion as I didn’t have the time to afford being lost. But I was put on alert. (My guardian angel has saved me many times before.) As I continued driving I noticed trouble ahead and quickly took the next road which was casted with less danger. Anything better today than an unwanted traffic ticket.

    Do you want to be notified of what traditional marketing concepts that are costing you serious loss of online revenue from your eCommerce site

    Watch our webinar where International Speaker Penny Kelley will be sharing How To Uncover the Hidden Money That’s Already in Your Pipeline.

    What will you LEARN?
    * The 4 principles of online shopping
    * Identify the kinks in your sales pipeline and how to undo them
    * Learn how to make money from the 70% of visitors who don’t buy the first time they arrive on your eCommerce site

    Here’s why you should listen to our International speaker Penny Kelly

    Sarah Muella says, “I can’t even believe making that one price change literally changed my whole business overnight!” (Here are some results… in a few weeks we decreased CPA and increased AOV for primary offer.)

    Vicki Sower (Influencer) says, “I recommend working with Penny to help grow your business and increase sales. She has helped me with various parts of my business over the past few years and we consistently breakthrough plateaus to create more abundance in the business.”

    Lucy Bucklyn (Coach) says, “The best thing that happened to me and my business. Need the push to take your traffic to the next level? I was able to use Social Media and bring in leads and new Clients! With Penny’s help I was able to take my knowledge to the next level!

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    Brief Review of What We Covered In Our Webinar

    “How To Discover the Hidden Money Already In Your Sales Pipeline”

    Business owners and Marketing Directors – It’s not your fault. You are bombarded with the “EASY BUTTON” marketing solution from Get rich NOW marketers.


    4 Principles of Online Shopping Simplified

    • Rapport & Connecting Culture
    • Work hard for the 1st SALE 
    • Customer Support
    • Build Your Arsenal of Ambassadors


    This is the beginning philosophy of shopping cart conversions, Get this… and the rest is easier 


    We are all accustomed to greeting each other when we meet face to face. Every visitor wants to be welcomed. They want to be recognised. 


    Know your customer. Use pixels to identify the behaviour of your website visitor. The pixel follows your visitor around and only presents what you know they like (until they buy or ignore you for a specified number of re-presentations.


    You achieve 1st sale faster when you

    Remain consistent with what the visitor came for

    Offer relevant items as upsells and cross-sells. Timing is crucial.

    Patiently nurture your visitor into a qualified lead before you make the offer


    The Sales funnel is the process of transitioning strangers into buyers

    They are unaware of their pain

    They are aware of their pain but are unaware of a solution

    They are aware of the solution but are unaware of your solution

    They are aware of your solution. Because you’ve been nice on their journey to your site… they’ll buy from you.


    Watch Webinar – Faster & More Valuable eCommerce Sales