I’ve mentioned buyer persona in many of my articles. I have frequent conversations with business people about buyer personas. We all get it. Do you implement it in your everyday marketing activities?

Attract buyer personas with certain colors

I’ll tell you why most websites miss buyer persona knowledge

I’ll tell you why most websites are on the wrong street when their customers are browsing for their products and services on another street.

I was in Rome last year and I walked to Church every morning. On this particular morning I turned left too soon. I was on the wrong street. I walked up on down on the street parallel to the street I needed to be on. Nothing looked familiar. I was lost for half hour until I decided to go back to my start point.

When people are searching for your business they are not so patient. Technology is constantly selling  instant rewards. Websites attract or dispel in seconds.

A Website that converts leads to sales, speaks to her buyer personas

The words used on the website are words your buyer personas will use when asking Google, Bing or Yahoo a question. Let’s say you’re a consultant who sells customer service training courses. Most people who need your services never purchased such a service before and is very unfamiliar with your terminology. Instead of saying “Improve your customer services” it would be more lucrative to use words like; “Improve customer retention” or “How to train my staff to relate better to customers” Buyer persona phraseology is not that difficult but it takes research and testing.

At WSI, we use what people search to help future customers to connect to your website and not allow these searching customers to go to the competition’s website. We use search queries to improve the words  you use on your website and when you follow up with them either with email or phone calls.

We use cookies to increase the knowledge of your website visitors. This type of marketing improves the probability of closing sales. This marketing data is what qualifies leads for a phone call or helps you to determine what type of PPC campaigns you should run to attract them back to your website.

When a visitor comes to your site they may read certain articles. They may read certain pages. According to where they spend more time or less; determines what further information we should add to your site and what further information we should offer to this visitor via email or otherwise.

65% of buyers already have completed their research before they decide to buy. In other words, people, your future customers, are searching. If your website has only the information you want to put on it, simply because you have no more time to spend on your website; most probably your visitors aren’t intrigued. If your website does not connect with your buyer personas (you’re not on the same street as they are) you are wasting your marketing budget by driving traffic to your website.

If you wish to qualify marketing leads before you send leads off to the sales department; leverage your website to improve your buyer persona knowledge. We call this Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation helps your website qualify leads and thus your conversion numbers improve and so do your sales.Its the most cost effective digital marketing strategy for 2017.

With Marketing Automation on your website, you connect with your buyer personas.