content marketing is a gift and grows your credibility

How You Can Profit From The Predicted Content Overload Digital Marketing Agencies are Warning Website Owners About. Simple Secrets a Digital Marketing Strategist uses on her Website.

Google Small Business took a quick survey from a group of marketers and reported that 45% of them did content marketing. Of those that did content marketing an alarming 20% were not sure what content marketing really is.

Content is shared by marketers, businesses, and much more individuals. Everything that is posted on social media (images, captions, hashtags, videos, gifs,…)is content. Everything posted on your website pages as well as blog posts is content. Ads, news articles, are all content.

If you are a website owner and want to create content; just look around you and observe what content is engaging. Observe the distance of the device from the person. Yes. The smaller the device the more engaged the person is.

So should an accountant have video content on his website? Yes. Serious people; business owners, lawyers, CEOs, all watch videos.

A bride to be is obsessed with her wedding. But she also needs to lose weight. A building contractor needs to figure out how to maximise the granite stone slab for his client’s kitchen. He also needs to communicate better with his teenage son.

What does content for your website have to do with the examples of the building contractor and the bride to be? Most website owners ignore the fact that their perfect buyer persona is a complete human being.

The content on your website needs to connect with one or two aspects of your buyer persona. Below I share briefly the 4 Pillars of Content Marketing.

4 Pillars of Content Marketing

Your website and social sites should satisfy these content elements.

  1. Give away emotional gifts. Do a weird dance. Cause a smile to appear on your viewer. Tell a joke. Make your reader laugh. Reduce the boring jargon of your old social posts or website blogs. Write content that compels your reader to want to share it cause they found it so interesting.
  2. Give value, how to, hacks, videos… Make your user’s life easier. Great sites for quick information are Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube. We call this informational content.
  3. Bring the fight for fun back into the life of website and social fans and viewers. Invent life style challenges, clean body challenges, habit changing challenges, clean eating challenges. Reach out and encourage your fans that are sharing and totally engaged in your challenge. We call this inspirational content.
  4. Identify with your Social Media niche that loves you the most. Let’s say you have 4 different products that satisfies 16 different niches. Then whoopie; you have 16 different niches. speak to each one at least once per week.

While everyone is avoiding creating and uploading content you could work on improving your content and who it connects to.

Don’t wait for your accountant to walk out on you ’cause he knows by the looks of your books you will soon not be able to pay him. You’ve already invested in a website. Or is it a written off expense? Supercharge your content marketing strategy.  Convert visitors into leads and eventually into customers. Call me to materialize higher conversion numbers. In the not too distant future you would hear the sweet words from your accountant approving your next major investment.

Selling from your website and constantly saying on every content that you put on the web…”Buy From ME!” (please?) only chases people away.

A complete content marketing plan will leave your competition in the dust in more ways than you could ever dream of.