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    Digital Marketing Resource – January 2020 Inside Edge Newsletter


    Inside Edge

    A Collection of Our Most Recent Blog Posts


    Key Resources to Keep Your Professional New Year’s Resolutions in Check

    Setting professional goals that will help you become better at what you do every day is the whole point of setting New Year’s resolutions. Challenging ourselves to become more productive, creative and happier at work is essential to any team’s success. Check out our list of 3 resolutions to help keep your professional life on track.  

    5 MIN READ


    We Are Merging Two LinkedIn Groups – Join Us in the Right One!

    The new year has brought WSI the chance to consolidate our two LinkedIn profiles. Check out this blog post, with everything you need to know about why we’re making this change and where you need to be following WSI.

    1 MIN READ


    Google’s Deduplication Spoils SERP Double-Dipping 

     Google’s most recent update decluttered page one of search results. From a user perspective, seeing the same URL ranked twice on the same page of results is redundant and possibly pushes another relevant URL down to the next page. Users may appreciate the update; marketers, not as much. Read our article to find out why.

    5 MIN READ

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