Great Western Flooring Boldly Enters Carpet Vertical With WSI SEO Services Great Record

Great Western Flooring started as a tile flooring store in Naperville, and quickly expanded to include many flooring options as they’ve grown over the years.

With an incredible web presence built for tile and hardwood flooring, Great Western Flooring is now ready to grow their carpet business in an extremely aggressive vertical as well as the competitive market in the big city of Chicago.

As with the previous strategies WSI has implemented, our first goal is to provide quality content that educated the consumer about the types of carpet available to them. 

After doing extensive buyer behavior research, we’ve implemented a group of pages to drive traffic to the site:

With a large data base of existing clients as well as having an excellent conversion rate from the current site, GWF has realised the need for a CRM. They will be executing the use of SharpSpring marketing automation CRM and phase into a full inbound strategy in the coming months.

Marketing automation has grown to epic proportions over the last 5 years.  Its value presents itself by taking the sales nurturing to an automated process. Decision to add content is based on lead behavior and interests. Marketing automation qualifies leads when they visit your various web properties (site and social).

Inbound marketing is also content based with a purpose. Marketing automation tracks behavior while Inbound marketing directs the journey of the visitor. Together they deliver qualified leads.

Once implemented, Great Western Flooring sales team are handed qualified leads. Leads are nurtured them with further content that solves their queries, or educates them about hidden pain points. The sales rep simply keeps in contact with them with minimal effort to close the sale.

If you would like to learn more about what Great Western Flooring has to offer, we encourage you to follow them on Tumblr, Weebly, WordPress, or Blogspot.

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